Friday Five

This week has been super busy for us but so good!


Father’s Day Weekend

We didn’t really have any specific plans, which is our favorite! I let B pick what we did since it was his weekend, and since Saturday was such a pretty day, we headed out to Bartrum Forest to go walk with Bryant. The trail was rocky and that really wasn’t fun with the stroller, so we didn’t make it too far.. but it was still a fun little outing for us!



Bryant is a little fish! He loves the water. My aunt and uncle moved to town last summer and got a house with a pool! We love going over to visit and I’m so glad Bryant likes swimming. He was practically jumping out of this float to get in the water!

House Groups: Week 2

On the menu this week was pizza. I tried my best to make it fancy : ) I absolutely love the picture of Bryant right in the middle of all the boys!! He loves having them all here and I’m thankful he has such a good group of guys to look up to!

Cousin Time!

My nephew Mack came to visit for a few days this week and it was so fun! Now that Bryant is more alert and not just a little blob, Mack is a lot more interested in him. I cannot wait to see them grow up together! I have such fond memories of me and my sisters and cousins running around and terrorizing our family, so I hope they have a similar experience!


7 Months

My baby turned 7 months old this week! He is getting so big and it feels like he changes every day. He is crawling now, and eating real food at all 3 meal times. He hasn’t outright hated any foods, but he especially loves avocado, squash and cantaloupe.

I am so grateful that I get to stay home with him and experience every stage of his life.

He is just so sweet and truly the best baby!

Raining on Sunday

Today was the kind of day that I just wanted to stay in bed all day. It was a perfect day with super cloudy skies and the rain was falling just hard enough that it would lull you to sleep. It was so painful to roll out of bed and get dressed for church... but like always, I’m glad I did. 

I’m sure anyone who serves in a church feels this way sometimes. Some Sundays you just want to stomp your foot, reject all responsibility and just stay at home... but sometimes those Sundays turn out to be the best Sundays.

Music today was wonderful. Even though we chose the songs last minute, they were perfect for my heart this week. A sweet family gave me and B the sweetest and mos thoughtful gift with a note of encouragement that really could not have come at a more perfect time. Brother Jerry’s sermon was a sweet message for my spirit about the products of faith in our life. It was just a good day at church.


And after church, we got the lazy rainy day time we had been wanting : )

Saturdays are Sacred

Since I started work full time, my Saturdays are worth a million bucks. Sleeping late, spending time with B and just laying around are my favorite ways to spend them, but sometimes we have other plans.

This morning our church had a work day to clean the children's hall. It was much needed, especially since a pipe burst in that building not too long ago. B and I mainly stayed in the fellowship hall to help set up for a reception our church is hosting tomorrow afternoon, but I really enjoyed hanging out with my mom and my church pals.

B had a bad migraine, so when we got home, he took some medicine and got in the bed for a nap. I wasn’t in the mood to sleep. so I deep cleaned the refrigerator including the outside. It was part of my Declutter Mission and it look so much better! I wish I had taken a before and after picture. 

Tonight we made beef stew for dinner and it was bomb for real. I used Paula Deen’s recipe and served it over mashed potatoes.  



I put B in charge of dessert and thankfully he’s always willing to help in the kitchen. I have been craving a chocolate pie for a week, and he really came through!


Dream come true.