Graduation Trip Day 4: Road Trip Home


Sunday morning, we slept as late as we could. I was exhausted, so when I heard check out time was at 11:00, my heart rejoiced.

828    847

We headed back to campus to take a few pictures of me in my cap and gown... It felt so good outside, but the wind was CRAZY. My hair was flying everywhere and I kept thinking my hat was going to fly away. But, we got some good pictures before it was time to go! : )


860 We stopped at Biscuitville on the way home for breakfast. I had been to one before in North Carolina, and it was just as good as I remembered! I just got the classic: Bacon, Egg and Cheese.

863    865

The trip home was long, and a little boring to be honest. I kept wanting to tell B to pull over just so I could get out of the car... But I kept my mouth shut because I was r e a d y to be home. We stopped in Augusta to get dinner and stretch our legs. We found this little BBQ place called Southbound Smokehouse. It was pretty good! What I was most impressed with was the restaurant itself. It was rustic and vintage and all the things I love. They had like 8 barbecue sauces to choose from on the table too, which I loved so I could mix and match with each bite! The best thing I ate there was their potato salad. Y'all. It was to die for.


We finally got home around 9:00, and I was so happy to see my baby boy! He sure was happy to see us too! : )

This was one of my favorite trips/vacations we've ever been on. There was so much cool stuff to do and see; I loved every minute! I hope I get to go back to Lynchburg soon!