Cruisin': Spring Break 2017


I thought Spring Break would never get here!And then, just like *that* it was gone.

We left around lunchtime Saturday. Of course, the plan was to leave a lot earlier, but you know how that goes : ) By the time we got to Miami, it was about 9:00PM, and we were starved.


We wound up at a Cuban restaurant called La Carreta. We were extremely underdressed in our "riding clothes" (AKA: Tshirts, flipflops and tennis shoes) but no one there seemed to mind. We got fried plantains, a Cuban sandwich and fufu (mashed green plantains). It was all so good! I wish I had pictures.

Sunday morning was very exciting and we started the day at an Urgent Care center.  B got into poison ivey 2 or 3 days before we left, and it was just not letting up. He couldn't sleep at night from wanting to scratch the rash, and he didn't want to spend his entire cruise miserable. Thankfully they gave him a shot and he got relief immediately! Thanks MD Now!



We didn't board the ship until 1:00, so we stopped by another Cuban spot for brunch around 11:00 before we headed to the port. Versailles is owned by the same people as La Carreta, so their menu was similar but more extensive. We got several appetizers to share and Cuban coffee. Those yuca fries were b o m b. I could have eaten 3 plates of those myself!

We finally boarded the ship and headed straight to our room to relax. The weather was humid but nice, so we sat on the balcony for a little while before we pulled out. Can I just shout out to Miami real quick? It is such a cool city. I hope one day we can go for an extended time and really explore.

Our ship was really great. It was the Carnival Vista, their newest ship, and I was very impressed! Everything is very pretty and clean, and the ship is HUGE so there's always something to do. I was very happy with it, and I hope we get to cruise on that ship again!

If you cruise for any reason, people watching has to be at the top of your list. I was fascinated by the different people on the cruise. This family was especially intriguing to me because they all had on jeans, boots and some of them even had on sweaters. It was 89* the day we pulled out of Miami. Come on, y'all. Hot mess.

We weren't scheduled to leave port until until 4:00, so we headed out to explore the ship.  Of course, we ended up at the food. Guy Fieri has a burger restaurant on the ship, and I'm not lying when I say it was one of the best burgers I've had in a long time. The line there was always super long, but it was worth the wait.


Finally at sea! It was so nice to just sit with B and enjoy no stress, no busyness, and just be.


Sorry, but food is the key to a good vacation so you'll see a lot of that in this post : )

Our first dinner on the cruise was fresh seafood. Isn't this the cutest little spot?


We split a pound of crab legs and crab cake sliders.


Our wild first night: A movie by the pool and then BINGO! Ha. We didn't win any $, but we had a good time!

Monday morning we woke up on the ship to this beautiful sunrise. We didn't do much this day, but lay by the pool all day. Sounds perfect to me.

I have been into audio books these days, so I made sure to have a few loaded on my phone before we left. This book, y'all. If you've ever struggled with your weight or with food in general... I cried (several times), I laughed and  I nodded my head constantly. A great read.

Sushi for lunch! I loved how may different options for food there were on our ship. It was nice to get a little taste of everything!


For dinner Monday night, we went to one of the specialty restaurants and got Italian food. Look at my handsome date!


I am not a big pasta person, but this was seriously some of the best I have ever had. The restaurant was so nice, and you honestly forgot you were on a cruise ship.

I loved getting dressed up every night... Not the best background, but I made sure to get a photo every night!

Of course, when B found out they were showing the NCAA Championship on the ship, we had to watch! Poolside: Even better.

Our first stop was Jamaica on Tuesday, but we didn't get off the ship that day.... We laid by the pool and did pretty much nothing.


Our first meal in the actual dining room... That bread pudding, y'all. And the coffee is shockingly good on the cruise! I loved getting a cup everything night after our meal.

I'm pretty sure sleep deprivation caught up with us this night and we rented a movie on demand and went to bed around 9:30... We are officially old. I'm not mad about it.


Wednesday was Grand Cayman! We got off the ship and I got a fresh frozen strawberry lemonade. I was surprised and excited when I saw her really squeezing the juice out of a real lemon. I am a food nerd. That thing put Minute Maid Frozen Lemonades (my favorite) to shame. My shirts says "It's a Great Day to do Nothing" and man, it was.

We laid on the beach all day. Perfect!

Thursday was finally the day I'd been waiting on: Cozumel!

I have wanted to go to Mexico forever, and I finally made it!


I got to eat REAL Mexican food at a local place called La Choza and it was so, so, so good! We got fajitas, a chile relleno and guacamole. They don't have "salsa" like we have in the states, which was very sad to me because I live and breathe for some good chips and salsa, but everything else was spectacular. Everything had so much flavor and was so perfect. I was one happy girl.


Mexico was actually beautiful. I loved it so much.

Asking strangers to take our photo was such a pain... But it was worth it : )


Friday was our last day, and we planned on spending the entire day laying out by the pool, but it was windy and actually kind of cold! So, we decided to just hang around the ship, explore a little more and just relax. Friday night was definitely my favorite night of the cruise. It was our last night, so we stayed out later than the other nights! We went to a comedy show, listened to tons of live music and I even convinced B to dance with me for a while at 70's night. September by Earth Wind and Fire better get you off your feet! : )

We woke up in Miami to this gorgeous sunrise. It made it a little easier to get off the ship. I'm so grateful for time to get away, just me and B. We truly have so much fun just being together, but the pretty views and the fun ship make it even better!

Oh, Spring Break, I miss you so much... But, Summer Break is so close I can taste it!

Sushi & A Concert in ATL

Last night we went to a concert in Atlanta! I love road trips, even if they are just a couple of hours.


Josh and Erika had tickets too, so we decided to meet up for dinner before the show. We picked a sushi place called Steel.

686 687

We were slightly under dressed but it was cool. Ha.

682       683

B and I split a bowl of the Thai Coconut Chicken Soup which was AMAZING. I could have just sipped it through a straw.

We also split three rolls of sushi. A Spicy Tuna Roll, the Midtown Roll, and a Dragon Roll. The Midtown Roll was our favorite.


The dragon roll was super cute and they even put a little dragon head on the end!  Love it!

691        692

After dinner, we hurried to the venue because the show was general admission. I absolutely LOVE Center Stage. We have been to several shows here, and it never disappoints! The atmosphere is just so intimate and unique. There are three venues within the complex: Center Stage Theater, The Loft and Vinyl. We have only been to shows in Center Stage Theater, but this show was in Vinyl.

693      695

It was standing room only, which I really liked until my feet started to hurt. (#GettingOld) Ha! But, it was still pretty awesome.


There was a bar in the back with a few tables and chairs, but everyone stood up at the stage during the show. Being so close to the musicians was really different. I loved it.


There were 2 openers: Nathan Hussey (All Get Out) and William Beckett (The Academy Is...) and then the headliner: Aaron Gillespie (Underoath). I knew probably three songs from the whole show, but I just enjoyed listening to the music and taking everything in around me. I wish I had gotten to take more pictures, but my phone died!


Concert Swag. : )