Mini Spring Haul


So, my sister and I went shopping this weekend... And I did some online shopping as well! I don't know what it is... I guess this spring time weather made me want to splurge a little and buy some new things to freshen up my look!

I'm going to talk about what I got in categories:


006 009

I have had an Ulta gift card burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas. I finally decided to try some new "high end" products.

The Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer was just something I wanted to try. It was a little pricey ($32) but I'm going to save it for special occasions when I really need my make up to stay on all day. I have heard about this Benefit Hoola Bronzer on YouTube for over a year now, and I finally broke down and bought it. It was $28, which is more than I would pay for an everyday product, but this will be saved for special occasions as well! The makeup bag was just a free gift I got with my order! I love it. The little doll's sash says "Laughter is the Best Cosmetic". So cute!

014Ahhhh the Beauty Blender. If you're into makeup or beauty at all, you've heard of this. I ordered this from Sephora, and it was $20. Everyone says they are worth every penny, and if you take care of it, it will last for a long time, so hopefully it will be money well spent.


Ok, this is all drug store products! Super affordable : )

From KMart I just got those Ardele Natural false lashes ($4.99). I don't want to wear these every day or anything, but I'd like to start practicing with them for special events!

From WalMart I bought that little makeup brush in the front. I really want to buy all new brushes, just because mine are all old, but I just got this one for now. It's the brand e.l.f. and it was only $3! It's technically a blush brush, but I use it to set my under eye concealer. It's the perfect size to fit right under the eye.

Everything else was from Walgreen's. The 2 Mascaras are L'Oreal Voluminous Original (8.49) and Rimmel Lash Accelerator (7.99). I love mixing mascaras, because I feel like your lashes look a lot fuller that way. The Baby Powder (3.49) is random, I know, but I have started using this instead of dry shampoo in my hair and I love it! It makes my hair so full and voluminous. I got the Magnolia Petals scent and it is amazing! You don't smell like baby powder at all. The cone looking thing is a Master Duo Liquid Liner by Maybelline (7.99). I haven't really mastered liquid liner, but I am determined to be really good at it! The Foundation with the black top is L'Oreal 24 Hour Pro Matte (12.99). I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION. I don't need this much coverage for everyday wear, but I wore it on Easter Sunday and at the end of the day, my face still looked fresh! I don't know that it would actually wear for 24 hours, but 12 is good enough for this girl. The BB Cream is from Rimmel (6.99). They had 3 different kinds, I can't remember what the options were now, but I got the Matte one. I love BB Creams, especially in the summer when I want something light weight! Last is this Concealer from the Maybelline Fit Me collection (7.00). I love the applicator and how smooth it goes on. Perfect for under eyes!

027 026

The last "beauty" product I want to tell y'all about is this Million Dollar Tan. I made the decision recently to quit going to the tanning bed. I know it's awful that it took me this long to decide, but I love being tan! So, I needed an alternative. I don't have time or the money to get sprayed every week or even every month, so I wanted something I could do at home. I definitely wanted it to look natural and NOT ORANGE.

I LOVE THIS STUFF. They have a lotion, but I got the mousse. You pump it into this little mitt and just work it into your skin. It absorbs super quickly, isn't sticky, doesn't stink and develops super golden and bronze. There is no orange AT ALL. I just applied it after I showered and went to sleep. I woke up to an amazing glow!

This is the "Gradual Tan" but they also have an "Extreme" color that I may order later in the summer. It was pretty pricey ($64 for the body+face mousse), but the color is supposed to last 7-10 days, so it should last me a while.


This category is a lot shorter : )


Ok, so every summer I like buying a new pair of flip flops for everyday wear and just wearing them to death. Then I throw them away and buy a new pair the next summer. I found these at KMart and I love them so much!

030 031

I got the Coral/Yellow pair and the Teal/Brown pair. They are so comfortable, and I love the look of them... They were only 9.99 so y'all should definitely go check them out!


So, this is the best picture I could get of these leggings. But these are SERIOUSLY the most comfortable pants ever. My sister told me about these and I thought she was just being dramatic, but I apologize for EVER doubting her. They fit like a legging, but don't have as much spandex so they aren't as tight. They're super soft and stretchy. The brand is Everlast which, I'm pretty sure is a boxing brand? Ha! But, that isn't going to stop me from going back to KMart and buying them in all colors.

044 051

Lastly, I have been looking for aviators forever, and I could never find any that looked good on me. I found these sunglasses that were BOGO 50% off and I was so excited! The coral/peach pair are "Joe Boxer" and the blue pair are "Attention".

KMart is seriously a treasure trove of hidden gems. You really have to look hard to find anything good, but it's totally worth it sometimes!