Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


So, did any girls have plans other than watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix yesterday? Geez, it seemed like everyone I know was watching! And I don't blame them : )

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I watched Gilmore Girls when it was on television in high school, but I wasn't a devoted fan. This summer I re-watched the series on Netflix and I fell in love with it! Then, when the revival was announced, I was so excited! The finale leaves a lot of questions unanswered, so it was perfect timing...

Of course, I knew that I had to have a party to celebrate the occasion, and since food is basically another main character, it was easy to come up with a spread...

img_8837       img_8838 \

I tried to make foods that played significant parts in the show's story. I actually had a list with more than this! I loved finding all the quotes and reminiscing on all the different jokes from the show...


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Lorelai is always eating Doughnuts at Luke's Diner, but this moment from one of Stars Hollow's many town hall meetings was one of my favorites...


Mrs. Kim never allowed Lane to eat French fries... But Rory was always sneaking them for her. I made sure to remind the girls that Mrs. Kim would not approve : )


One of my favorite quotes from GG... It's not so much about the Pop Tarts, but about Lorelai's passion for food... "I opened the little silver wrapper, and I took a bite, and I thought nothing had ever tasted so good. I thought it tasted like freedom. It tasted like I was my own person. The Pop Tart tasted like freedom and rebellion and independence."


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DEVILED EGGS. One of my favorite moments from the entire series is when Lorelai and Rory throw deviled eggs at Jess's car. It's honestly one of the funniest moments from all television to me. It reminds me of something me and my friends would do... Ha! They are a bit unconventional for a party like this, but I just couldn't leave deviled eggs off our menu.


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Rory asked Sookie to make Rocky Road cookies for Dean (her first boyfriend)... So, I had to make Rocky Road Cookies (recipe here). They were really rich and sweet, but they were soooo good.

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Pizza, Pie, Chinese Chicken, Cake and Red Vines... Nothing specific to say here, but  the Gilmore Girls were always eating these in some form or fashion. I'm gonna tell you, I don't understand how they stay so skinny. I wish I knew their secret...


Last but not least... these adorable Luke's Diner cookies! Oh my goodness, they are perfect. My coworker and friend made them and I absolutely love them. Check her Facebook page out here.

I love any excuse for a party, and I'm really proud of all the things I came up with!

A Lot of Laying Around: The Perfect Weekend

I enjoyed every second of my Christmas break, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to seeing my co-workers/friends and my babies again! Maybe it's because I'm a first year employee, or maybe it's because I'm a little crazy, but I was excited to go back to work...


It was so good to see my sweet kiddos and hear all about their Christmas excitement. They have all grown up, and after a little review time, they were ready to keep learning and keep going in Kindergarten! It was a great first full week back at school! Now, a week and half later, we had a long weekend for MLK day!


B didn't work Friday because it rained all day, so he and the guys were all hanging at the church. We decided to meet up there for band practice when I got done at school since everyone was available! I kind of liked practicing in the afternoon (we usually practice at 8 or 9PM).

After practice, B and I went to the gym (New Years Resolutions on point) and then just relaxed at home. We caught up on some DVR stuff and just relaxed. It was really nice!

Saturday, I slept until 10AM, which I don't think has happened since before school started! Maxx was so happy we stayed in bed later than usual... He loves being in the bed. It is his absolute favorite.

Once we finally got up and going, B went to Macon with his boys, so I was home alone all day. That also hasn't happened in a long time! I missed B, but it was nice to get caught up on my Hallmark movies : ) I switched between Hallmark and reruns of Law & Order: SVU, which made for an interesting contrast...


Saturday night, we went to the gym and did some more DVR cleaning... I drank my last Sprite Cranberry Zero - the greatest soft drink of all time. Y'all, seriously. It's so hard to find that I ration them during the holidays. I am in a deep state of mourning...

Sunday was a usually Sunday: Church, Sunday school and then lunch with friends. B and I challenged ourselves to "No Eating Out" in January. It would help save us money, keep us on track with getting healthy, and we also have so much stuff in our freezer that we don't need to let go to waste! But, we figured this didn't count, because it was more about the fellowship : )


We picked up Miss Stella's, which is like a soul food/southern food/country food (whatever you call it) restaurant and it was amazing. We have been wanting to go there for a while now, but we kept forgetting about it. I'm so glad we tried it! I got grilled chicken (it was more like smoked), green beans, macaroni & cheese and it came with cornbread. Everything tasted just like the food  I grew up on -- absolutely amazing!


That night, it was finally cold enough for a fire, so we invited some friends over to roast some hot dogs and hang out! I love the smell of a fire... It was super fun and I hope we can get a few more in before it gets too hot again!


Monday morning, I woke up around 8:30, which is still pretty late! I fixed a cup of coffee and then whipped up these protein pancakes. You can find the recipe here. They were delicious!

That afternoon B and I started the Netflix show Making a Murderer.

This show, y'all. I have watched a lot of crime shows in my life, some fiction, some non-fiction, so at first I was like, "Okay, I've seen it all, whatever." But, then, with every twist and turn, I was sucked in more and more. No matter what you believe about the case, you cannot help but keep watching. We watched all but two episodes Monday and finished tonight. Definitely a must watch!

Long weekends are super awesome, and I'm so thankful for a little time to rest. I told my Sunday school class that this is the first weekend in a long time that I literally had nothing to do. It was so nice! But, it was back to work this morning, and I'm not going to lie, I was a little less eager to head back to work this time ; ) But I am certainly thankful for a job that I love and that I really enjoy!