Weekends Are My Favorite


I was so excited about this past weekend to come! We had absolutely no plans (a treat in itself) but we have been testing all week at school, and I was totally over it.  Friday night, Taylor and I went out for dinner and then saw Hairspray at the high school. They did an excellent job with the musical!

After the play, we headed to the grocery store so I could get prepared for the “10 Days of Real Food”challenge that I’m doing May 1-10. I just finished reading this book, and it really has taught me so much about food! Basically I will be cutting out artificial ingredients, refined sugars and packaged foods for 10 days. You can read more here.

I tried to find bread that fit “the rules”, but I had no luck… So I decided to bake my own! I tried 2 different recipes, but one turned out a lot better. I really want to experiment more with baking bread, but this was a good first try!

The evenings have been so nice lately. We don’t have a porch (my dream) but I love sitting on our back stoop sometimes and just relaxing.

This was a good “real food” find at Walmart. I really liked it and it was just a little bit more $ than regular cooking spray. 

I also experimented making tortillas. I have made corn tortilla before–they’re pretty easy. But this was my first attempt at flour tortillas. At first I wasn’t getting the dough rolled out thin enough so they looked like pancakes… Lol but once I got that right, they were so much better! I made a big batch for fajitas and enchiladas this week.

We ran out of coffee, so Dunkin Donuts was a must on Sunday before church. I can’t be without my caffeine! 

The asparagus at Kroger was soooo pretty and green! I’m so glad I grabbed a bunch. 

For dinner, I made jambalaya from 100 Days of Real Food. It was delicious! The only thing I would change is the timing of the shrimp. They got over cooked based on her directions, so next time I will put the shrimp in very very last! 

I hope to post a blog every day during my challenge to keep you posted about what I eat and how it’s going! I also took my measurements and weighed on Day 1, so I can compare at the end! Let’s do this.

|stay special|