May Faves!


I cannot believe it's the first day of June! May was such a fun month; FULL of busy, exciting, and new things. I thought I would share some of my favorite things from the month!

Beauty Faves

230   158

I'm not sure if the foundation is really making my skin 'better', but I love it so much! It's a medium coverage, and feels so light on the skin. I definitely recommend it now that the weather is getting toasty!

The moisturizer is labeled for sensitive skin, but I just really like this because it's so light. It absorbs so quickly into the skin, and is not greasy at all.

Music Faves

821    785   741   820

Some new. Some old. All good. Since B installed bluetooth in my car, I've quit relying on the radio and started looking for new and different music to listen to. When I was making this list, I realized just how random and weird my music tastes are.. lol These albums couldn't be more different! But that's ok with me.

Hometown Faves

766   765


Milledgeville got an Aldi, and I'm so happy about it! I have been to the Aldi in Macon before, but it really wasn't worth a 45 minute drive to do my shopping. It's so cheap, y'all. And it's small and convenient and they have everything I need. I am just thrilled.

Food Faves


This photo is from my Taco Salad post, but I wanted to share it again because one of my favorite things about this time of year is the fresh food! The fruit and vegetables this time of year are to die for. I'm so excited to eat delicious, fresh food all summer long!


Iced coffee/lattes are also something I'm into this summer. I have never really done iced coffee before, but after having the most amazing iced latte in Lynchburg, I wanted to venture out and try things other than plain coffee with cream. Ha! : ) My latest jam is an iced latte with hazelnut and coconut. Summer in a cup, I tell ya.

  594   595


Really, this is an all-year-round fave, but since it's officially "Grilling Season", I will claim it as a May fave! You just can't beat the flavor from a grill. It just makes me happy!

My Life Faves


I don't need to tell you, but graduation was a major May fave. I am so, so happy to be finished with school! And I'm so proud of myself. It was all worth it!

166   165

Spontaneous date nights are always a fave. When B came home and took me to Aubri Lane's, it was much needed and soooo perfect! That lamb was absolutely delicious.

120   147


205   208

Summer break! It has been so nice to sleep a little later, hang out with our friends, spend more time outside, cook, and just relax!

496 498 499 501 502 504

MACK. Mack is a May Fave forever and always. We celebrated his second birthday this month, and it was so much fun!


I didn't get to take any pictures of him a the party, but this is one of my favorite pictures of him. He is growing so quickly, and I absolutely love watching him learn and develop his little personality. He is so funny! He repeats everything you say and would play outside all day if you let him. I just love this sweet baby so much! Time, please slow down.

Graduation Trip Day 4: Road Trip Home


Sunday morning, we slept as late as we could. I was exhausted, so when I heard check out time was at 11:00, my heart rejoiced.

828    847

We headed back to campus to take a few pictures of me in my cap and gown... It felt so good outside, but the wind was CRAZY. My hair was flying everywhere and I kept thinking my hat was going to fly away. But, we got some good pictures before it was time to go! : )


860 We stopped at Biscuitville on the way home for breakfast. I had been to one before in North Carolina, and it was just as good as I remembered! I just got the classic: Bacon, Egg and Cheese.

863    865

The trip home was long, and a little boring to be honest. I kept wanting to tell B to pull over just so I could get out of the car... But I kept my mouth shut because I was r e a d y to be home. We stopped in Augusta to get dinner and stretch our legs. We found this little BBQ place called Southbound Smokehouse. It was pretty good! What I was most impressed with was the restaurant itself. It was rustic and vintage and all the things I love. They had like 8 barbecue sauces to choose from on the table too, which I loved so I could mix and match with each bite! The best thing I ate there was their potato salad. Y'all. It was to die for.


We finally got home around 9:00, and I was so happy to see my baby boy! He sure was happy to see us too! : )

This was one of my favorite trips/vacations we've ever been on. There was so much cool stuff to do and see; I loved every minute! I hope I get to go back to Lynchburg soon!

Graduation Trip Day 2: Oh Darling, Let's Be Wanderers


Friday was one of those awesome days when you have absolutely no plans, but there's about a millions options of what to do.


The first thing I did was FINISH SCHOOL! I had one more assignment due on Friday, and of course I waited until the last minute to finish it! (#duh) It felt so weird to be done with my classes. It's been a year and a half since I haven't been active in a class, so I'm still not used to this feeling!

610   612

Lynchburg is a really really cool city. Like, for real. It's so beautiful! There are moutains to hike, a really cool downtown with tons of history, a lake and a river to relax by and lots of shopping, which is of course my favorite : )


We really wanted to find a cool coffee shop to get some breakfast and just relax that morning, and man did we hit the jackpot! B found The Muse online, and it was everything I was hoping it would be and more. The atmosphere was so cool, and it just felt so homey in there. Everyone was so friendly, and you could tell a lot of the people inside were "regulars". I loved everything about it!

614   616

I got an "Island Nut" Latte which had hazelnut and coconut, and it was soooo delicious! I wish I had one right now. B got "Christmas in a Cup", which according to the girl who took our order is their most popular drink.

619   624

We got bagels to go along with our coffee, and yes that's latte art on B's drink... It was pretty neat : ) #nerd

625   627

We ate in their little courtyard, and the weather was so perfect, it felt like we were in a movie! I wish this place was closer to Milledgeville... I would hit it up on the reg.

630   631

632   634

After breakfast we headed to campus so I could check in. I got my "reader card" that I had to give to the announcer at gradation. We walked around for a while and checked out campus, which was a lot bigger than I expected! I wish I had taken more pictures of the actual buildings and property. It was beautiful, and with the backdrop of the mountains, how could it not be?

636   638   639

641   644

We went for a hike up Candler mountain, which is on Liberty's property, and it was the absolute perfect weather. We underestimated the hike, and I was definitely not dressed appropriately for a 2 mile hike both ways... Ha! But the view was absolutely worth the trouble.

 650 657 649

We didn't have any water or snacks with us, so after our climb, I was dying to eat... I drank probably 4 glasses of water before we got our food! Our waitress probably thought we were crazy... Market at Main was a historical place in the downtown area, and it was so cute! They had a lunch counter like you see in old diners, and beautiful wood floors. The doors were open, and there was a breeze blowing through the restaurant... It was a lot like the coffee shop in that it seemed like a lot of the customers were "regulars".

653 652 655

I got a spinach salad with apples, bacon, red onion and pecans with grilled chicken and apple cider vinegarette... We split fried green tomatoes, which were amaze. I hate when FGTs have too much breading, but these were perfect. B got a grilled pork ribeye sandwich with homemade chips. Everything was so good!

659 658

664 665

After lunch we walked down to the river walk. I love the RW in Milledgeville, so I was excited to see they had one here. There were a lot of people out enjoying the beautiful day!

661 668

669 670

The bridges at the river walk had locks all over them like the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris... It was really cool to see all of them hanging there.

673  675  677  687

I'm a big supporter of spring time in Georgia, but spring time in Virginia is a pretty fierce competitor!

698   703

After a quick shower and a change of clothes, it was time to head to my Baccalaureate service. I wasn't very impressed by the speaker, but the music... Oh, the music. It was wonderful. I teared up several times.

711 713

For dinner we went to the #1 Restaurant in Lynchburg (according to Trip Advisor), Waterstone Pizza. This place was so, so cool. The restaurant is beside the river, so the atmosphere is already pretty cool, but the decor was very industrial which is total my style. There were lots of "metal works" art pieces, exposed brick, rustic wood and piping all around the room. The restaurant was small and intimate, which I didn't mind with this handsome man as my date : )

714   716

We got the crab dip appetizer and The Cicilian pizza to split. Y'all. I'm not kidding. This was the best pizza I have ever had. The crust was thin, but not crunchy. The meat was such good quality and there was a perfect ratio of cheese and sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

721   722

My parents arrived right when we finished eating, so they ordered another pizza, The Supremo, and my dad got a BLT with fresh mozzarella. Their pizza was just as perfect, and my dad said his sandwich was amazing, too! Although he didn't save me a bite ; )

719   717

Oh, and now... Let's talk about this cake. THIS CAKE. Y'all... I am not a dessert person. I would rather have another piece of pizza than something sweet. But this cake. It was a lemon berry mascarpone cake, and I really did not want to share it with B. It was a struggle. : )

I had to be on campus at 7:00AM to line up for graduation, so after dinner it was straight back to the hotel to S L E E P!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel ...


11 School Days until the Summer Break!..........I think I can... I think I can...

Day 4 and 5 of my Real Food Challenge were awesome. I had a smoothie for breakfast Tuesday morning... I was surprised that it kept me full until lunch. I used frozen blueberries, a banana, a cup of spinach, milk and honey. It tasted so good! I would love to experiment with smoothies more, but I have no interest in juicing. Gross.

Lunch was leftover fajitas in my new Easy Lunch Box! I absolutely love these containers. They are the perfect size for my lunches and are Microwave and Dishwasher safe, which makes my life a lot easier. Another thing is those little silicon cupcake liners. They are soooo perfect for separating things you don't want to touch or get all over everything. I ordered mine from Amazon, but I'm sure they have them at WalMart.


img_8962.jpg   img_8963.jpg

When I got home from work Wednesday I cooked a little before going to church. I made some cheddar crackers (a play on goldfish/Cheez its) that are compliable with my Real Food Challenge. B didn't like them, but I did! : ) They aren't as rich as I was expecting them to be, but they taste kind of like a cheese straw, so they were my jam. I also made some tzatziki sauce (the pictures above) to go on whole wheat pita bread and veggies for snacks for the rest of the week. This sauce was sooo good! It's tangy and refreshing... Perfect for the upcoming summer!

Whew! 11 more school days, and it will be summer break! I feel like it was just Christmas... And now here we are! We have Field Day, Graduation and our End of the Year Party to look forward to... I'm just gonna relax and enjoy the rest of the time we have with our babies!


Talking about Mother's Day has been so sweet. Hearing our babies talk about their moms is so stinking cute... And their drawings of their moms are even better : )


Me and Ms. Black...The dream team! And both in stripes. We have had the best year! But we definitely need couple's therapy.


Oh! I almost forgot. I wanted to share this pasta sauce I used for tonight's dinner. It was the only brand at Kroger with no added sugar, so I decided to try it. And it was sooo good! I dressed it up with 1/2 an onion, 2 garlic cloves, 2 shredded carrots, 1/2 a bell pepper and 1/2 a pack of mushrooms. It was delicious. And it passed my "Was it really good?" test: Did B get seconds? Yes!