Girls Night: Pumpkin Decorating!


Tuesday night, some of my best girl friends came over to decorate pumpkins!


We started by painting them...


And then moved on to melting the crayons on top...

606 605

It was super fun! We just used regular craft paint and crayons, and used hairdryers to melt the crayons... **Tip: Wear something you don't mind getting wax splattered on!**




These were my two pumpkins... I decorated them so they would go with my kitchen decor... I loved how they turned out!

Another Tip: Don't use two hairdryers at the same time...The lights went out in the living room and I had to call B to rescue us (AKA: How do I flip the breaker?)


I love these girls so much! I wish I had gotten a better picture of all of their pumpkins... They all turned out really cute!