Greek Festival with Mack!

This weekend my nephew came to visit! There was a lot going on in Milledgeville since our town's festival, Deep Roots was going on downtown... We decided we didn't want to fight the crowds downtown and headed down the road to Macon for the Central Georgia Greek Festival! I know Mack would love it because there would be music... That boys loves music! And I knew we would love it because of all the food! : )

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Now, if you have ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, please just know: That is my family. I am not sure if we have any Greek blood running through our veins, but after watching that movie, I'm ready to claim it as my heritage.

If you haven't seen it. Watch it. It's in my Top 10!

Anyway, the festival was in the parking lot of the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Macon. It was a small festival, but there was lots to look at and see! Our first stop was of course the food tent...

019 021

My mom and I got Gyro Sandwiches (Lamb & Beef) and they were amazing. I love tsadziki sauce so much. I think it would be good on anything. B got two souvlaki-on-a-stick (not pictured), which was just chicken grilled on a skewer, but it was so flavorful! Delish.

047 052

We got two things that were recommended for kids so Mack would have something to snack on. We all kind of split everything among the four of us... The first picture is of the Spanakopita, which is phyllo dough baked with spinach and feta cheese. OH MY WORD. Amazing, for real. The second picture is of the Pastitsio, which was basically just ground beef and macaroni noodles. It was good, but it wasn't anything special...

035 036

If you know me, you know I'm a savory, not a sweet... But this. THIS could change me. These were Baklava Sundaes. I absolutely love baklava! I think you could put anything on phyllo dough and it would be divine.

034 016 033 054

After we decided we were done snacking, we walked around a little bit more. There was music playing and lots of different merchants selling different things.


I loved all these shirts! The furthest one says "I'm not yelling... I'm just Greek!" My family definitely needs these : )

585 591

We missed the church tour, but we walked around on the steps, which made Mack just as happy. He loves stairs! Up... and down... up.... and down...


Mack loves his Uncle & Aint B! I wish we could have gotten him to smile, but he was too interested in the dogs walking around behind my mom!


The last thing we did was get some of these Loukoumades... They are basically doughnut holes, drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. By my expression, you should be able to guess how they tasted!