July Favorites

Just a disclaimer, there is nothing exciting about this month’s favorites… Just some tried and true things I have actually used A LOT during the month of July! Let me know if you try anything! : )

Ok, I know this is so pricey, but I am NOT exaggerating when I tell you: I use this EVERY day.

Now that Bryant is crawling, and into everything, I have to keep stuff off the floor! Especially around the kitchen and den, where he is the most. This vacuum is cordless and the hanger is also the charger, so it’s always ready to go! I love that I don’t have to touch the canister to empty it, too!

We used a Swiffer for years before I had just had enough. I broke the handle all the time and the pads/cleanser were so expensive over time! We found this on Amazon, and we have never looked back. I use my own cleaner, which I prefer to the Swiffer liquid, but it’s also cheaper! I also really like that the mop pads are washable. Less waste and saving me money = A win-win.

I’ve posted about this before, but I wanted to share it again because Bryant loves it that much! I got this as a shower gift last year when I was pregnant, and just pulled it out of Bryant’s closet. This is his first real interactive toy and he loves it. He pushes all the buttons and flips all the switches himself, plus it will be great for him to push around once he starts walking!

I’ve used towel clips for a couple of summers, but I didn’t realize everyone didn’t have these! I know summer is drawing to a close, but these are a MUST HAVE! I absolutely hate when my towel slides down the back of my chair and balls up behind my back and I’m constantly having to pull it back up and smooth it back out… You know you hate it, too! These clips are really a lifesaver and I highly recommend.

I already shared this on my Instagram, but I have to tell y’all again: This candle is AWESOME.

I like candles, but am pretty picky about my scents. I don’t like anything too smelly or intrusive. But this candle is the BEST non-holiday scent from Bath & Body Works! It’s sweet but not too heavy, and just a perfect summer scent. I am really irritated that I missed their semi-annual sale so I could stock up, but I will still be purchasing more!

Let It Snow

Oh, January... You are the longest month ever. 31 days with no paycheck. 31 days of cold. It's such a long 31 days... And we still have 8 left! I mentioned in my last post that we are trying to clean out our freezer and quit eating out so much... We challenged ourselves to not eat out at all this month, and while we haven't been perfect, we have eaten out A LOT less than we usually do, so I'd call that a win!


One of the things we dug out of the chest freezer was some cubed steak. B decided to try a "light" Country Fried Steak recipe from Bobby Deen. You can check out the recipe here. It was baked rather than fried and the gravy was made with half and half instead of milk... It was 497 calories for the steak, gravy, rice and green beans. Not too bad considering the nutrition facts for this exact meal at a chain restaurant was over 800 calories! Nice job, B.

Our youth group is starting a new series on purity, and we haven't met in a while, so we decided to meet this week. Taylor wasn't feeling well, but rather than cancel, he decided to be facetimed into the meeting... We are totally high tech at Northside! ; )

On Thursday, we celebrated our 100th day of school! Our kids were so excited. We did a lot to celebrate the day, including making necklaces with 100 fruit loops! I'm fairly certain I ate about 300 fruit loops during the process... I don't remember the last time I ate Fruit Loops and I forgot how good they were!


B and I have been going to the gym since the new year as part of our resolutions... I haven't worked out consistently in a long time, so it feels so good to be back at it! But, my muscles are like WHAT THE HECK so I decided to accept my fate as an old lady and relax in an Epsom salt bath the other night... I've always heard of the "healing powers" of Epsom salt, so I decided to give it a shot! I'm not sure if it did anything, but it felt good!


I also started school again this week. I'm so ready to be finished! I have major "senioritis"! I will graduate in May, and it cannot come quick enough... 3 more classes, and I will be an official college graduate. Man, I can't wait! Working full time along with being a full time student has been a challenge, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

These are some of my favorite things this month: A (Free) Spotify subscription (thanks Michelle!) and this amazing candle I got as a Christmas gift. I have burnt the whole thing down in less than a month, but I'm pretty sure I will be repurchasing this scent. It is amazing! These 2 songs have been on my "school work" play lists and pretty much repeat.

It has been so cold these past few days. I don't really mind the cold, mainly because I love my boots and over-sized sweaters, but I'm itching for springtime. Coffee has been my friend lately... I have been drinking multiple cups a day, which I only do during the very cold months. I tried to take a cool and artsy photo of my cream, but I failed. Humor me, okay?

Around midnight last night, it started to snow! We watched it fall for a little while, but then headed to bed. This is what we woke up to today! I wish we had gotten more so we could really enjoy it, but at least we got a little... It's certainly not much, but in middle Georgia, this is enough to shut the city down. : )


Maxx is happy that we didn't get too much snow. He hates the cold. Bless his heart! He and I are snuggling now on the couch, and me and B are catching up on The Blacklist from our DVR. Today is a good day!