Friday Five

We missed last week’s post because we were at the beach! We have had a pretty good week over at the Harpe household. Reality hit us hard coming off of vacation, and next week we head to Basecamp, so it was nice to have a normal week back on routine!

Taking Care of Pop:

My mom has been out of town on vacation with my sister and her family, so my dad has been on his own this week! Bryant has enjoyed walking their dogs in the mornings and visiting with Pop in the afternoons! We even ran into Pop out on our evening walk one day… We love living close to my parents and I’m so thankful Bryant gets to spend so much time with them day to day!

Bryant’s Bouncer is linked here: & his Stroller is linked here:

Baby on the Loose

Bryant is into everything these days. I absolutely love this phase because he’s so curious and full of wonder. He definitely wears me out; I cannot take my eyes off of him for a second! But, it’s still so much fun.

New Foods!

Bryant LOVES to eat. I have really enjoyed letting him try new foods and seeing his reaction! This week we tried watermelon for the first time and I really think he could have eaten half a watermelon on his own. He loved it and kept banging his hands on his highchair for more! Watermelon is B’s favorite fruit, so he was excited that Bryant liked it as much as he does!

Walking, Walking, Walking

It’s been SO hot, but I’ve been trying to make an effort to get outside regardless. It’s good for both of us to get out of the house, and I need the workout! We have been trying to go in the morning before it becomes unbearable outside, but sometimes we just suffer in the evenings. I’m the one doing all the work, so Bryant is really living the dream : )

New Toys!

This week Bryant has gotten a few new things to play with and this is definitely a new favorite! This is really his first toy that makes a lot of noise (much to my dismay), but he LOVES it. There are so many buttons to push and things to look at, so it’s nice to distract him when I’m trying to get anything around the house done. It’s also nice that it is teaching him letters, numbers and colors along the way!

Here’s the link to the walker:

Getting to Christmas ...


Christmas in the City The Saturday before Christmas, me and B had tickets to see JohnnySwim in concert in Atlanta. Before the show, my mom and I met my sister, Michelle, for lunch and to hang out. We went to one of my favorite spots El Taco. I have only eaten here one time before, but it has been so good both times, I am definitely willing to name is as one of my top spots : )


We got the salsa, guacamole and queso trio as an appetizer... And split the Taco Board, black beans and corn. It was delicious!

After lunch, we went back to Michelle's apartment and just hung out. She had a dinner to get ready for, so we just talked while she got dressed. It was really nice to spend time together! Michelle left for her dinner, and Mother and I headed to Starbucks to wait for B to pick me up for the concert. We planned some Christmas stuff and drank our chestnut pralene lattes.

B met me at the concert venue right after the doors opened. The show was General Admission, and the line was wrapped around the building! We decided to go "unplugged" for the show. No pictures, no video, just enjoying the music and enjoying each other.

I love JohnnySwim's music, and their Christmas album is definitely one of my favorites! We had never seen them live before, so we decided it would be fun to see them on their Christmas tour. I definitely recommend seeing them if you ever have the chance! Check out their music. It is wonderful.

Baby's First Christmas

The next day, B and I went to visit some friends who just had their first baby. We have been friends with Bobby and Hayle since middle school. They are good friends and good people, and I am really thankful for our friendship! They are going to be amazing parents -- they already are -- and I cannot wait to see Kayson grow up!


Pre-Christmas Family Time

My sisters got into town on Tuesday before Christmas. It was fun just laying around my parent's house and watching Hallmark movies together.


Wednesday, we went to lunch at Kai Thai and then went shopping around town. It was fun to hang out with no schedule --the best kind of days.


Christmas Eve-Eve was probably my favorite day of this Christmas season. My dad picked up BoJangle's for breakfast and we just sat around the kitchen table, drinking coffee and talking. Mack is growing up so fast, and he is at such a fun age right now. Right in the middle of being a holy terror and a precious angel. I love him so much, I feel like my heart could burst!