Goodbye Summer!

I realized I haven't posted a blog in a while... I definitely go through phases of wanting to blog all the time, and then being lazy about it. Plus, I don't think my life is that interesting a lot of the time... But I thought I would go ahead and do an "update" post about the summer! I always seem to get excited about blogging around fall and the holidays, so I'm sure I will get going again, soon. This summer was amazing. Last summer went by so fast, and I was SO BUSY all the time. This year, I forced myself to stay home, hang out with my friends and family, relax and really take summer one day at a time. I loved it so much more! Here are just a few of the highlights of Summer 2017...

Mission Trip 2017

This year's mission trip was different from years past, and did not go according to plan in any way, but it truly turned out to be my favorite Mission Trip since we started going each year. I felt like our group grew closer together, leaned in to their relationship with Jesus and learned what a life of service truly looks like. Also, we had "Jorts Day", so what could be better?

Fourth of July

I love any excuse to have or go to a party, and 4th of July was the perfect time to get together with friends! This year we watched the Milledgeville fireworks together... And then on the 4th, we spent the day at Taylor's parent's house on the lake. Definitely one of my favorite memories of Summer 2017.


Mack came to visit a lot this summer, which I loved. He is so busy and keeps all of us on our toes! He even helped B cut our grass one *hot* afternoon.


Basecamp was different this year too! We changed locations to Rock Eagle in Eatonton. It was nicer to be closer to home, and the campus is BEAUTIFUL. But it was definitely a big change from our usual location. I love this camp and all the hearts who work hard to make it happen. Youth ministry is exhausting, frustrating and confusing, but the guys who run this camp are the best in the business and I'm so thankful to get to work alongside them!

Year 3

I started my 3rd year in Kindergarten-world this year! I'm grateful for my job, and I love my sweet co-workers, but this year has come with plenty of challenges! I just keep reminding myself that these babies are all sweet souls that the Lord put in my path for a reason, and I don't want to waste the time I have with them... It's easier said than done, but it's worth the work!

Doughnut 5K

We only did it for the doughnut.

Earth, Wind & Fire

Y'all. B is the most wonderful man and surprised me with tickets to Earth, Wind & Fire! Disco and funk music is my guilty pleasure. I love to jam around the house or on a long road trip. EW&F was a bucket list item, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the BEST show I've ever been to. They are freaking old and had so much energy, it was crazy! The whole amphitheater was just a big dance party. And B & I both said they sound better live than they did on the original recordings. It was such a fun night!

Weight Loss

It's not a secret that I've struggled with my weight for some time now. I've blogged about it before, and I've tried so many different things, but this summer I REALLY focused on my health and my habits. These photos are exactly 1 year apart and I've lost 20 pounds since last August! Yay me! I have some more to go, but I'm so proud of myself.

Labor Day 2017

For our last summer shebang, we went to Hilton Head for Labor Day weekend. Gosh, it was a perfect trip. The highs were in the 80's, there was a perfect breeze and we got to hang with our best palz. It was so much fun! These are literally 2 of the only photos I took, so obviously we were having too much fun... Ha! : )

Okay, so that's pretty much my summer in a nutshell since I last blogged... Like I said, it was one of my favorites and I'm sad to see it go! But I'm excited for fall to get here in just a few short weeks!

Getting to Christmas ...


Christmas in the City The Saturday before Christmas, me and B had tickets to see JohnnySwim in concert in Atlanta. Before the show, my mom and I met my sister, Michelle, for lunch and to hang out. We went to one of my favorite spots El Taco. I have only eaten here one time before, but it has been so good both times, I am definitely willing to name is as one of my top spots : )


We got the salsa, guacamole and queso trio as an appetizer... And split the Taco Board, black beans and corn. It was delicious!

After lunch, we went back to Michelle's apartment and just hung out. She had a dinner to get ready for, so we just talked while she got dressed. It was really nice to spend time together! Michelle left for her dinner, and Mother and I headed to Starbucks to wait for B to pick me up for the concert. We planned some Christmas stuff and drank our chestnut pralene lattes.

B met me at the concert venue right after the doors opened. The show was General Admission, and the line was wrapped around the building! We decided to go "unplugged" for the show. No pictures, no video, just enjoying the music and enjoying each other.

I love JohnnySwim's music, and their Christmas album is definitely one of my favorites! We had never seen them live before, so we decided it would be fun to see them on their Christmas tour. I definitely recommend seeing them if you ever have the chance! Check out their music. It is wonderful.

Baby's First Christmas

The next day, B and I went to visit some friends who just had their first baby. We have been friends with Bobby and Hayle since middle school. They are good friends and good people, and I am really thankful for our friendship! They are going to be amazing parents -- they already are -- and I cannot wait to see Kayson grow up!


Pre-Christmas Family Time

My sisters got into town on Tuesday before Christmas. It was fun just laying around my parent's house and watching Hallmark movies together.


Wednesday, we went to lunch at Kai Thai and then went shopping around town. It was fun to hang out with no schedule --the best kind of days.


Christmas Eve-Eve was probably my favorite day of this Christmas season. My dad picked up BoJangle's for breakfast and we just sat around the kitchen table, drinking coffee and talking. Mack is growing up so fast, and he is at such a fun age right now. Right in the middle of being a holy terror and a precious angel. I love him so much, I feel like my heart could burst!