S i c k of being S i c k

I honestly thought I had missed out on flu season. I was proud of myself. I've been taking my vitamins, washing my hands, drinking the water... But, I was wrong. Friday night I felt completely normal and then Saturday night, all of a sudden, I had a fever, aches and I was freezing. It was terrible! I stayed home from church Sunday and then again from work today. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Sitting here, I feel better since I've taken medicine, but I still feel partly dead. But I'm not going to complain this whole blog post; I'm going to recap the last few days!


Friday was a great day. B and I met for lunch after work at Cravings downtown. We both got sandwiches and then headed to Sweet Treats for a cookie and coffee. It was really random, but a really sweet day date. And that cookie was amaze.

After running a few errands, we headed home and we were excited because Mack was here for the weekend! He wanted Waffle House for supper, and we were happy to tag along!

Mack is so funny. He knew exactly what he wanted: "A waffle with bacon and raisin toast". I love him so much!

Saturday morning me and B slept in, and then headed to Atlanta to do some shopping! We are trying to fix up the front living room/sitting room as well as B's home office. We were mainly just looking for some fresh inspiration.

We met my sister, Michelle for lunch at Bar Taco and it was so good! I got shrimp, pork belly and chorizo tacos with corn and cucumber salad on the side. It was delish!

We went to World Market (my new favorite), Pier 1 and IKEA. The best part is, I think we found our new couch! I don't want to share pictures of it, yet, but I will when we for sure buy something! 

Just a few of the things I saw that I loved! I took so many pictures, but I don't want to overload you : )



Like I said, Saturday night was when I started to feel like death. In the car on the way back from Atlanta, I was so achy. After we got home, we ate dinner and I laid on the couch. I was so cold I was shivering. I had 3 blankets on, and a heating pad. I finally took some ibuprofen and the fever broke about an hour later. It was horrible!

I stayed home from church Sunday morning and rested all day. This was my view most of the morning. It was the perfect day to stay home... Rainy, overcast and cold.

The worst part of being sick was cancelling plans to watch the Super Bowl with our friends. I didn't really care about watching the game, but the food is always the best part anyway!


We ended up watching the game alone, and eating Cookout instead. It was actually a pretty good game, and I was glad the Eagles won!

Pink did a great job on the anthem, despite the flu. I feel for her. I have sung the National Anthem sick before, and it is terribly difficult.
I'm not a huge Justin Timberlake fan, but I thought the show was pretty good. I was kind of disappointed he didn't bring out any surprise guests (Hello, N*SYNC Reunion!), but I thought he did a great job. That outfit though....

After the game, we stayed up to watch This is Us. I won't spoil anything, but y'all. This show. I can't deal. I really didn't cry like I expected to, but I was just kind of sitting there stunned. Probably a mix of exhaustion + cold meds, but still. I love this show so much. Give it all the awards and accolades.

May Faves!


I cannot believe it's the first day of June! May was such a fun month; FULL of busy, exciting, and new things. I thought I would share some of my favorite things from the month!

Beauty Faves

230   158

I'm not sure if the foundation is really making my skin 'better', but I love it so much! It's a medium coverage, and feels so light on the skin. I definitely recommend it now that the weather is getting toasty!

The moisturizer is labeled for sensitive skin, but I just really like this because it's so light. It absorbs so quickly into the skin, and is not greasy at all.

Music Faves

821    785   741   820

Some new. Some old. All good. Since B installed bluetooth in my car, I've quit relying on the radio and started looking for new and different music to listen to. When I was making this list, I realized just how random and weird my music tastes are.. lol These albums couldn't be more different! But that's ok with me.

Hometown Faves

766   765


Milledgeville got an Aldi, and I'm so happy about it! I have been to the Aldi in Macon before, but it really wasn't worth a 45 minute drive to do my shopping. It's so cheap, y'all. And it's small and convenient and they have everything I need. I am just thrilled.

Food Faves


This photo is from my Taco Salad post, but I wanted to share it again because one of my favorite things about this time of year is the fresh food! The fruit and vegetables this time of year are to die for. I'm so excited to eat delicious, fresh food all summer long!


Iced coffee/lattes are also something I'm into this summer. I have never really done iced coffee before, but after having the most amazing iced latte in Lynchburg, I wanted to venture out and try things other than plain coffee with cream. Ha! : ) My latest jam is an iced latte with hazelnut and coconut. Summer in a cup, I tell ya.

  594   595


Really, this is an all-year-round fave, but since it's officially "Grilling Season", I will claim it as a May fave! You just can't beat the flavor from a grill. It just makes me happy!

My Life Faves


I don't need to tell you, but graduation was a major May fave. I am so, so happy to be finished with school! And I'm so proud of myself. It was all worth it!

166   165

Spontaneous date nights are always a fave. When B came home and took me to Aubri Lane's, it was much needed and soooo perfect! That lamb was absolutely delicious.

120   147


205   208

Summer break! It has been so nice to sleep a little later, hang out with our friends, spend more time outside, cook, and just relax!

496 498 499 501 502 504

MACK. Mack is a May Fave forever and always. We celebrated his second birthday this month, and it was so much fun!


I didn't get to take any pictures of him a the party, but this is one of my favorite pictures of him. He is growing so quickly, and I absolutely love watching him learn and develop his little personality. He is so funny! He repeats everything you say and would play outside all day if you let him. I just love this sweet baby so much! Time, please slow down.

A Lot of Laying Around: The Perfect Weekend

I enjoyed every second of my Christmas break, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to seeing my co-workers/friends and my babies again! Maybe it's because I'm a first year employee, or maybe it's because I'm a little crazy, but I was excited to go back to work...


It was so good to see my sweet kiddos and hear all about their Christmas excitement. They have all grown up, and after a little review time, they were ready to keep learning and keep going in Kindergarten! It was a great first full week back at school! Now, a week and half later, we had a long weekend for MLK day!


B didn't work Friday because it rained all day, so he and the guys were all hanging at the church. We decided to meet up there for band practice when I got done at school since everyone was available! I kind of liked practicing in the afternoon (we usually practice at 8 or 9PM).

After practice, B and I went to the gym (New Years Resolutions on point) and then just relaxed at home. We caught up on some DVR stuff and just relaxed. It was really nice!

Saturday, I slept until 10AM, which I don't think has happened since before school started! Maxx was so happy we stayed in bed later than usual... He loves being in the bed. It is his absolute favorite.

Once we finally got up and going, B went to Macon with his boys, so I was home alone all day. That also hasn't happened in a long time! I missed B, but it was nice to get caught up on my Hallmark movies : ) I switched between Hallmark and reruns of Law & Order: SVU, which made for an interesting contrast...


Saturday night, we went to the gym and did some more DVR cleaning... I drank my last Sprite Cranberry Zero - the greatest soft drink of all time. Y'all, seriously. It's so hard to find that I ration them during the holidays. I am in a deep state of mourning...

Sunday was a usually Sunday: Church, Sunday school and then lunch with friends. B and I challenged ourselves to "No Eating Out" in January. It would help save us money, keep us on track with getting healthy, and we also have so much stuff in our freezer that we don't need to let go to waste! But, we figured this didn't count, because it was more about the fellowship : )


We picked up Miss Stella's, which is like a soul food/southern food/country food (whatever you call it) restaurant and it was amazing. We have been wanting to go there for a while now, but we kept forgetting about it. I'm so glad we tried it! I got grilled chicken (it was more like smoked), green beans, macaroni & cheese and it came with cornbread. Everything tasted just like the food  I grew up on -- absolutely amazing!


That night, it was finally cold enough for a fire, so we invited some friends over to roast some hot dogs and hang out! I love the smell of a fire... It was super fun and I hope we can get a few more in before it gets too hot again!


Monday morning, I woke up around 8:30, which is still pretty late! I fixed a cup of coffee and then whipped up these protein pancakes. You can find the recipe here. They were delicious!

That afternoon B and I started the Netflix show Making a Murderer.

This show, y'all. I have watched a lot of crime shows in my life, some fiction, some non-fiction, so at first I was like, "Okay, I've seen it all, whatever." But, then, with every twist and turn, I was sucked in more and more. No matter what you believe about the case, you cannot help but keep watching. We watched all but two episodes Monday and finished tonight. Definitely a must watch!

Long weekends are super awesome, and I'm so thankful for a little time to rest. I told my Sunday school class that this is the first weekend in a long time that I literally had nothing to do. It was so nice! But, it was back to work this morning, and I'm not going to lie, I was a little less eager to head back to work this time ; ) But I am certainly thankful for a job that I love and that I really enjoy!