Sushi & A Concert in ATL

Last night we went to a concert in Atlanta! I love road trips, even if they are just a couple of hours.


Josh and Erika had tickets too, so we decided to meet up for dinner before the show. We picked a sushi place called Steel.

686 687

We were slightly under dressed but it was cool. Ha.

682       683

B and I split a bowl of the Thai Coconut Chicken Soup which was AMAZING. I could have just sipped it through a straw.

We also split three rolls of sushi. A Spicy Tuna Roll, the Midtown Roll, and a Dragon Roll. The Midtown Roll was our favorite.


The dragon roll was super cute and they even put a little dragon head on the end!  Love it!

691        692

After dinner, we hurried to the venue because the show was general admission. I absolutely LOVE Center Stage. We have been to several shows here, and it never disappoints! The atmosphere is just so intimate and unique. There are three venues within the complex: Center Stage Theater, The Loft and Vinyl. We have only been to shows in Center Stage Theater, but this show was in Vinyl.

693      695

It was standing room only, which I really liked until my feet started to hurt. (#GettingOld) Ha! But, it was still pretty awesome.


There was a bar in the back with a few tables and chairs, but everyone stood up at the stage during the show. Being so close to the musicians was really different. I loved it.


There were 2 openers: Nathan Hussey (All Get Out) and William Beckett (The Academy Is...) and then the headliner: Aaron Gillespie (Underoath). I knew probably three songs from the whole show, but I just enjoyed listening to the music and taking everything in around me. I wish I had gotten to take more pictures, but my phone died!


Concert Swag. : )