Friday Five

What a week! We had something every night for the past few days and I am exhausted. I didn’t really take too many pictures but here are a few…

  1. Bryant is Teething!


Baby B cut his first teeth around 3/4 months but now it’s round 2 and these are giving us such a hard time compared to his first ones.

He was fussy maybe for a week the first time and now it’s been almost a month of swollen gums.

Anything he picks up goes straight into his mouth so we have to keep an eye on him! These teething wagers keep him occupied so they were a great find at the grocery store!

2. Girls Night!


It’s been too long since I had a true girls night and it was much needed! We ate enchiladas and watched the Bachelorette and talked a lot! Shout out to B for being a good sport and finding something to do outside of the house for the night!

3. Meal Prep for Bryant


Last week I got really lazy and just fed Bryant pouches every meal, and I’m really trying to avoid that! We have had a busy summer so I’m really trying to get into the habit of meal prep. This week I made potatoes, zucchini/squash and English peas for him. It was nice to have everything ready to go for each of his meal times!

4. Getting Outside


One of the only things I don’t like about our house is that we don’t have much outdoor space. We have a great yard, but no porch or deck to really get out and enjoy it. So for the past week we’ve been moving my car and sitting under the carport.

Bryant loves being outside so he has really enjoyed it! He watches every car or person who walks by and looks around for every sound. It’s definitely too hot to be outside long but in the evenings it’s been nice!

5. Herb’s Fish Place


Thursday night we made the last minute decision to go to Herb’s since my sister and nephew were here. We hadn’t been in a while and it was so good! I could never turn down an opportunity to go eat some catfish so it really hit the spot!