Friday Five

Good Morning, y’all!

I have such a hard time remembering to blog day to day… I come up with ideas of what to post, and then I totally forget. Mom Brain is real!

Anyway, I saw this idea on a blog I follow, and I thought it would be an easy way to keep up with my posting! Each Friday I want to post 5 pictures from the previous week, just as a recap!

Ariana Grande!


Saturday night, I got to see Ariana Grande in concert in Atlanta. I haven’t been a fan of AG for a long time to be honest, but I absolutely love her most recent album. We all felt super old dancing with all the 13 year olds in the audience, but I didn’t really care. It was so fun!

Our group got a hotel room connected to the venue, so we got “glam” in our room before the show, ate some good dinner, and then had a blast at the show!

*I literally planned my outfit a month in advance… Just a little extra, I know. : )

My Outfit Details: Camo Jacket, Bodysuit, High Waisted Jeans & Booties

Bryant is eating real food!

Truthfully, Bryant has been eating real food since he was 4 months old, but now he’s really getting the hang of it. We’ve been doing something called “Baby Lead Weaning” and he’s really done well with it. He can pick up food and bite it and chew it up really well! He’s also getting pretty good with a spoon!

I’ve taken him to restaurants several times, but this past week was the first time he actually ate the food at the restaurant. We ordered guacamole and he ate half of it by himself! Every time his spoon would get empty, he would bang it on the table for more. It was hilarious.

House Groups


In the summer, our church stops regular youth activities and starts to meet in different people’s homes. We are hosting the 8th and 9th grade boys this year and I am excited for it to start back! This week was the kick off, and we had taco night. Hosting is my favorite thing, and even though I don’t think these boys really appreciate all the details, it’s still fun for me.

Family Time


Bryant is so blessed that we have so many family members surrounding us here in town. This past week, we got to visit with Bill’s grandparents, and I had to capture this sweet picture! Bryant has 4 living great-grandparents and I’m so thankful he gets to spend time with them often!

Summer Reading


Staying home with Bryant + summer, it’s been easy for me to veg out in front of the TV when he’s taking a nap. I’m trying really hard to do other things like listen to podcasts and read books. I recently started this book and I love it so far! The author, Katie Farrell, recounts her struggles with eating disorders and her testimony is so powerful! Definitely recommend if you’ve ever struggled with body image or weight loss!


TGIF! We are headed into the weekend, and I’m so excited that we have NOTHING to do! We have been so busy the past several weeks and months, and I’m pumped to just relax with B and Little B. Hope y’all have a great weekend!