Favorite Baby Products (So Far!)

B and I have had a lot of hits and misses with baby products. Sometimes Amazon reviews DO lie, y’all.

Overall, I think we have gained some wisdom about which products are worth buying and which are NOT, so I wanted to share our favorites!

First of all, I want to say that we used Baby List for our registry and I was so happy with our experience. Baby List is a website that condenses all your registries from different websites into one list. Also, if your product is available at multiple stores, it will show all the stores + the prices so your friends and family can decide where they want to get your gifts! I really was so pleased with this service, so check it out if you are working on your baby registry!

Now, on to the products:

  • Marpac Sound Machine: I think this sound machine is a big reason Bryant was such a good sleeper right off the bat. It covers up the regular household noise so we don’t have to tip toe around the house worrying that every little sound will wake him up. My sister used this same one with her son, and I’m so glad she recommended it to me! I have been so happy with it! It has a low and a high setting, so you can set it to your desired volume. Definitely recommend.

  • Serenity Star: This was another product that my sister used with her son, and I knew I wanted to have one for our baby too! The star has multiple functions. First, it plays a lullaby that is just the sweetest. We start our bedtime routine by playing the song, and now that Bryant is three months old, I really believe he recognizes that it’s bedtime when he hears it start to play.

    The star also has a clock and thermometer so you can gauge the temperature of the room. It turns red if the room is too hot, blue if the room is too cold, and stays a soft white if it’s “just right”. This feature was especially helpful to calm my new-mom nerves wondering if he was too cold during the winter nights.

  • Bottle Warmer: This was not the bottle warmer we originally registered for, because that one turned out to be trash. This one has turned out to be perfect! It heats up quickly and has an easy to read chart so you can figure out how much water you need to warm your bottle. It also cuts off when it’s done, which was something our original bottle warmer didn’t do, and I really appreciate that feature in the middle of the night.

  • Boppy Support Pillow: Now that Bryant can entertain himself a little bit, I use this pillow every single day. I can lay him on the couch, my bed or on a blanket on the floor using this to prop him up, and then I can get some stuff done around the house or get dressed. We also used this a lot in the beginning to put under our arm for support while we fed Bryant. It’s been an all-around great product, and easily our most used baby gift, so far! (Other than diapers and formula of course :) )

  • Uppa Baby Vista Stroller: I’m obsessed with our stroller. Early on in my pregnancy, we went to Buy Buy Baby and tested out EVERY stroller in the store. This was by far the smoothest ride and I knew it would last from baby to baby in the future. We also use the bassinet a lot when we take him into restaurants and public places because it easily detaches from the stroller and allows him to finish his nap without being strapped in. I just love it!

  • NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat: I really wanted a car seat that would grow with Bryant, and I wasn’t very interested in an infant car seat. I love this car seat because it’s easy to adjust and Bryant always seems so comfortable in it! The seat cover is also washable, which was a big deal for me! This car seat will last until Bryant is 65 pounds, so I think it was a pretty good purchase!

  • Aquaphor: This is by far the best diaper rash ointment on the market. Bryant has never had diaper rash and this stuff even helped his baby acne go away over night! I put this on his feet, hands and face after bath time and he is always so soft and shiny afterward. I love this stuff!

  • Fish-Price 4-in-1 Baby Bath: I honestly hate giving Bryant a bath, and cannot wait for him to be able to sit up and play in the bath so I’m not having to hunch over the entire time. It’s just so much work lolol … But, while I wait for that glorious day, I like this bath because I can put it on the bathroom counter and bathe him at my level! He loves the water and seems so comfortable while he’s getting scrubbed down. I’m really happy with this tub!

  • Diaper Bag: I am in love with this diaper bag. It’s soooooooo pretty (Yes, 8 o’s), and I will definitely use it beyond just for the baby stage. We really wanted a bag that B could carry and it wouldn’t be super feminine, but also one that wouldn’t clash with everything I wear. I love that this is simple and fashionable and it holds a TON of stuff. You can also carry it like a cross body/shoulder bag OR a backpack, which I love!

  • Wipe Warmer: I read on a lot of lists that wipe warmers weren’t necessary, but I’m really glad we got this. The wipes stay warm and seem more moist, which I feel like is more comfortable for Bryant’s bottom!

  • Green Sprouts Burp Cloths: Shout out to my friend Meaghan for giving me these burp cloths at my shower! These burp cloths are THE BEST and super absorbent. We don’t really use bibs and just tuck these under his chin while he eats and we have been so pleased with them! We’ve ordered several more packs of them. Absolutely recommend. 

  • Baby Monitor: Cloud Cam + Echo Show
    We are obsessed with our Amazon Alexa, so when I saw they had a monitor that worked with her, I was pumped. We use the Echo Show in our living room so I can check on Bryant when he’s in bed, but there is also a coinciding app so you can see/hear him from your phone. I even stalk Bryant if I’m away from home while B is on Daddy duty. : )

  • SwaddleMe Swaddles: These are the swaddles we used when we first brought Bryant home (Shout out to TTom). He outgrew swaddling blankets real quick! #giant We loved these because they were easy to put on, and Bryant slept so good once we started using them!

  • Halo Sleepsack Swaddle: Now that Bryant is bigger, we have moved to a sleep sack swaddle so he can move around a little more freely. The first night using these, Bryant woke up at 4:00AM, and I thought it was a fail… But after Bryant got used to the change, he was quickly back to sleeping through the night! Once he grows out of the swaddle all together, we will still use the sleep sacks to keep him warm and cozy at night. These were definitely a good purchase!

There are a lot of products we loved, but these are my absolute faves! In a few months, I will definitely do an update as we go along from stage to stage… Let me know in the comments: Any favorite baby products you would recommend??