Bryant Taylor Harpe: 3 Months

I cannot believe my baby is three months old today! I know everyone says this, but it feels like he was born yesterday and at the same time he should be ten years old by now… Becoming parents has been an absolute roller coaster ride, but for the most part it has been totally wonderful. I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of Bryant from the last 3 months and just an update on my perfect baby boy.

These two people had NO idea how their lives were about to change. The picture of me was taken right before we left for the hospital. My water had just broken and we knew it was go-time. I was so excited that the nerves hadn’t had a chance to set in. The picture of B on the other hand was taken right before my last minute c-section. He wasn’t as excited as we had been at 5AM! Our labor and delivery certainly didn’t go as we had anticipated, but once we had all of it behind us, we were SO thankful to get our hands on our boy…


This was the first photo I took of Bryant after he was born. I could not stop staring at him. I remember after he was born, laying on the operating table and asking B 100 times “What is it? Is it a boy or a girl?” and him saying “I don’t know!” hahaha… He had been so nervous in the operating room he hadn’t even heard my nurse announce the gender. That story still makes me laugh.


I took this photo of Bryant’s profile because I think it was the first time I had really seen it. I saw so much of his daddy in him and I wanted to remember the way he looked in this moment forever. He was laying in his little bed beside mine, and I just couldn’t believe that I had a baby. I was officially a mom. It was surreal.


This was one of the first outfits we bought after we found out we were expecting. We weren’t finding out the gender, so I knew it would work whether our baby was a boy or a girl. It was just a simple grey footie pajama— nothing special. But, when I saw my baby in it my heart stopped! Bryant looks GOOD in grey : )

Our last night in the hospital. I lost a lot of blood after delivery so I had to stay in the hospital until my iron levels rose. We were there for 3 nights, but it felt like 2 weeks. It was a bittersweet feeling knowing we were going home. I was ready to be in my own bed, and have Bryant in our house, but I was extremely nervous about what the future held. It would all be 100% real as soon as we were wheeled down to our car…

Headed home. B left to go get the car and my mom walked with me and my nurse down to the car. I was completely fine until we got out of the parking garage. When we dropped my mom off at her car, I immediately lost it. I remember yelling through tears, “Can you pull over so we can double check he’s in the car seat right?!” Bless B’s heart. He just had to go with the crazy at that point… : )


Finally home. Family and friends were there to greet us when we got to the house, but this was when it was just us three. Pure, and exhausted, bliss.


Good morning, world! We survived night one :)

Bryant's first visit to the doctor. He was a champ. This was also the day we officially announced his arrival on social media… I remember everyone asking me why I hadn’t posted yet, and I honestly didn’t have a reason. I guess I just wanted it to be our special secret as long as it could be…

Month 1 was a blur… but B and I had a pretty good routine down by Christmas. He was sleeping through the night already, and was all around such an easy baby. I survived the days with help from my mom, aunt and friends. I even got out of the house baby-free a few times! By mid-January/the six week mark, I felt like I was getting the hang of this mom-thing!

Bryant loves being outside so we started going on walks a few days a week after B got off work when the weather cooperated. I also took Bryant on his first outing to have lunch with my mom, sister and nephew and he did so good! He looks so small in these pictures — I can’t believe how much he has grown in such a short time!

We celebrated Bryant’s first Christmas! He was for sure the best gift we received this year. Having our first baby in the midst of the holidays was definitely a blessing. We were surrounded by family and friends all the time and our house was full of Christmas decorations and lights. I know our holidays will never be the same, but it’s the most wonderful change.

Bryant is seriously the happiest baby in the world. He hardly ever cries unless he’s hungry or tired. He loves riding in the car, as long as we’re moving — red lights are not our friends… and he absolutely loves his time with daddy when he gets home from work! He smiles and “talks” all the time and I’m just in love with him.

Something no one really prepared us for was our baby’s first shots. It ranks up there with the top five worst experiences of my life. I actually held it together and didn’t cry, but B didn’t fare as well. He lost it at soon as Bryant started crying! Bless both their hearts. I scooped him up as soon as the nurse said she was finished, and stuck a bottle in his mouth which calmed him down quickly — He loves to eat: Definitely my child.

Bryant has been holding his head up since he was born — seriously. He came out the womb craning that neck. But, he really hated tummy time the first few weeks after we started doing it daily… Thankfully, his hard work has paid off, and now he is getting so strong and holding himself up like a champ!

These are just some of my favorite pictures of my boy. I love those curious eyes and that sweet smile! I’m so thankful I get to stay home with him during this phase of his life. It’s definitely a challenge some days, but I love seeing him learn and grow!

Overall, becoming a mom has been a whirlwind to say the least. The lack of sleep and routine are hard, the c-section recovery was absolute torture and the constant questions are overwhelming… But, the thing I’ve had the hardest time with is accepting my new identity. My life is no longer all about me, and I haven’t always swallowed that pill with grace. But, I’m grateful for a husband to learn alongside, and a baby boy who wakes up every morning with a smile on his face and forgives me for all my short comings. Here’s to the next 3 months!