Bryant’s Nursery

I am so excited to share Bryant’s nursery on my blog. I absolutely LOVED designing it and making my vision come to life.

I really wanted his nursery to be timeless and something we could keep for a few years as he grows up. Not knowing the gender of our baby really gave me more freedom to keep it from being too “baby-ish” and just let it be a pretty room. I still love going in and sitting in the rocking chair because the natural light in his room is my favorite thing…

The crib was one of the first things we decided on when we started working on the room. This is really where the rest of my ideas stemmed from. I absolutely loved the unique look of the iron and B really liked that it will convert into a toddler bed and eventually a full bed! It was a win-win for both of us.

I knew I wanted the art in Bryant’s room to be classic and timeless. I didn’t really want the typical baby art, and I didn’t really want there to be a strict theme to his room… Since B & I are both musical, I did want to tie some elements back to that. I ordered the vintage hymnal sheets from Etsy and chose B’s favorite hymn “In the Cross”, my favorite “In the Garden” and then Amazing Grace as just a classic favorite. I had them framed at Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!

The guitar rack was a last minute addition by my mom. B has this beautiful vintage guitar that got damaged in the Tuscaloosa tornado in 2011. He isn’t able to play it anymore, but I think it looks perfect hanging above Bryant’s crib.

This rocking chair was certainly a labor of love to find. About a month before Bryant made his appearance we went to a dozen antique stores in Milledgeville, Macon and Warner Robins and could never find a rocker that we absolutely loved. We really wanted a vintage one, so we were getting frustrated at the lack of options. Then we stumbled upon this one from Amazon. I loved that it had an antique look and the reviews were few, but all positive! So, we took a chance… And it was absolutely perfect!

Believe it or not, the side table came from Walmart. I had pretty much given up finding something that would fit this space when I just looked on Walmart’s website on a whim. The table is sturdy and has a lot of space on top for bottles, books, and this precious night light.

When I saw this book shelf, I thought it tied the crib into the room so well. The industrial feel was exactly what I wanted, but without it being too masculine. Filling the shelves with books and trinkets has been so fun, and the Twinkle, Twinkle sign above it added such a sweet baby touch to this little corner. That photo of me and B is from the night we took the pregnancy test that confirmed we were expecting! And the Peter Rabbit cup & dish were B’s when he was a baby :)

I looked online for hours for a rug like this and when I found it, I literally teared up. When I set my mind on something, I just cannot accept anything else! But my hard work paid off… I wanted something with a warm base color but lots of other colors intertwined, but I didn’t want anything too bright to distract from the rest of the room. The muted tones of the rug were exactly what I was looking for, and I couldn’t be happier!


Figuring out the window treatments for this room was one of the hardest parts for me. I didn’t want to stifle the natural light so I almost went with just valances, but my mom found these linen panels and I fell in love. I thought they were just gender neutral enough that whether Baby Harpe was a boy or a girl they could work. I love the way they lay so light and airy on the windows. It makes the room feel so cool and relaxing!

My Ginnie used to sing “You are my Sunshine” over me and my sisters when we were babies and I will always think of her when I hear it. I love the simplicity of the sign I got to hang over the window, and I’m so glad I could find something unique and handmade from Etsy!

Another thing I decided early on was that I wanted to use the top of the baby’s dresser as the changing table, and I wanted to get a large dresser that he or she could use for years after they passed the baby stage. I am so happy with this dresser. It is solid and beautiful and exactly the color I wanted; off white, but not too dark. The drawers are also really big, so they hold a lot of stuff!


The mirror was another find-by-Maleah (my mom). It fit right in with the bed and the book shelf, so when we saw it, it was a no brainer. I really wanted there to be a mirror in the baby’s room so he/she could look at themselves when they got big enough to see. I always like watching babies see their reflection : )


This magnolia wreath was the very last thing we added to the nursery. The mirror wasn’t quite big enough to center above the dresser, but I didn’t want to add another sign to the room since we already had so many things hanging up. I decided I wanted a pop of color, but wanted to keep it slightly neutral. I almost went with a cotton wreath, but when I saw the simple green leaves on this one I knew it was the obvious choice.

You can call it being picky or having good taste, but either way, sometimes I wish I could just buy whatever and be okay with it… But I’m not that lucky! I struggled so hard to find a lamp to go next to the changing table. I wanted a tall lamp so I didn’t take up any more space on top of the dresser, but none of them were big enough to fill this space. Then the ones I did find were $200+ and that just wasn’t happening. Finally I found one that I liked at Target, but it was listed as unavailable for months. I put it in my cart, and checked back almost daily… And my persistence paid off!

When my aunt and uncle were moving to a new house, they came across a basket that belonged to my great-grandmother and I immediately knew I wanted to use it in the nursery. I had a vision of a bunch of baskets in the corner to hold stuffed animals, blankets, etc, and the fact that this is a family heirloom of sorts made it even that much more perfect! The colorful basket was my NaNa’s, the darker straw basket was a gift, but the largest basket with the heart design is from Pottery Barn so I will link it here.

The empty space above the baskets really bothered me, but I couldn’t quite figure out what to hang in that corner. I decided on a rack of some sort to hang blankets for easy access, and I loved the rustic look of this one. It actually came in a set of two, so I hung the other one in Bryant’s bathroom for his towels.

Now that Bryant is here and sleeping in his room, I realize that a lot of the things I was so stressed about don’t matter that much. But I still really enjoyed creating this beautiful space. I believe my home is a reflection of me and my family, and I hope we did a good job expressing who we are and who we hope Bryant will be!