Maternity Style

I am in love with my baby, but I would be lying if I told you I didn’t miss being pregnant! I had such a great pregnancy, and I enjoyed (almost) every minute.

I thought buying maternity clothes would be a lot harder than it actually was, but thankfully there are A LOT of options these days! I tried several different stores and I definitely had some hits and major misses.

Just as a precursor, I will warn you that there will be lots of bathroom selfies in this post. I used the mirror in the bathroom at work to document a lot of my outfits since I don’t really have a good full length mirror at home! Just ignore the toilet and focus on the clothes ;)


Buying jeans when you’re not pregnant is enough of a challenge, but with a bump it can be even more difficult! I usually love Old Navy jeans, so that was my first stop. None of their maternity jeans worked for me. I tried several different cuts of the jeans and none of them ever fit quite right. When I ordered my regular size, they were so tight on my thighs I could barely sit down… but when I sized up, they were so saggy it didn’t look right!

Fortunately, at the beginning of my pregnancy up until the third trimester, I was able to wear these non-maternity jeggings from Old Navy.

These photos were taken from 9 weeks to 29 weeks. The jeggings were such a lifesaver for me and I still wear them postpartum, which is definitely a plus!

My absolute favorite jeans were from Target. I regret not going to Target sooner for maternity clothes, because they are one of the few places where you can actually try on maternity clothes in person. Almost everywhere else requires you to order online, which I usually don’t mind— but when your body is changing so much, it’s hard to know what will work or not based off a photo!

When I was about 4 weeks away from my due date, I was in Athens for a conference and decided to go to Target to look at their maternity section and bought several things! But my most favorite purchase was definitely these jeans. I love boot cut jeans and these were so stretchy and comfortable. I was able to wear them with a t-shirt and tennis shoes, heels or boots. They were so versatile and comfortable, I truly lived in them in the final weeks of pregancy!

Work Pants

Unfortunately I had to work through my entire pregnancy… Ha : ) I wish I could have stayed home in my leggings every day, but I wasn’t so lucky!

Old Navy came through on the work pants. I love the non-maternity Pixie pants for work, and I was so happy they came in a maternity version! I had these in navy and black and I wore them almost every day to work!

I also LOVED the Motherhood maternity skinny ankle pants. I bought these in white and olive green, and I loved them! They were so thin and stretchy, so I really liked wearing them when it was still so hot outside.


I will never stop preaching my love for BLANQI leggings. They are pricey, but they are 100% worth every penny. I bought both the maternity leggings and the postpartum leggings, and I would recommend them to anyone!

They are so supportive and comfortable, and thick enough that they don’t show any lines and suck everything in— in a good way! This picture was taken 2 weeks before Bryant was born and I basically lived in these leggings until he made his appearance! I even wore them to the hospital the morning he was born : )


Since it’s going to be spring soon, I wanted to mention the shorts I liked. I can’t find the exact shorts I wore all summer, because it’s not really season for them, but the two pair of shorts that I wore all summer were from Old Navy and I was so happy with them!

I had a pair of the side panel denim shorts, and the full panel white shorts, and I wore both of them up until it got too cold for them, and I would highly recommend!

Random Stuff

Amazon was absolutely my friend for buying random things to get me through my pregnancy. I was fortunate that I was able to make a lot of my non-maternity tops work until the end, but I added lots of different things to my wardrobe to cater to the season or occasion. Here are some of my favorites:

Yellow Kimono: Target (Link is not exact, but similar)

Grey Sweater: Target

Dark Green Kimono: Shop Pink Blush

Bodycon Dress: Amazon (Shown in black, but I also purchased it in the crimson color)

Light Green Floral Kimono: Amazon (Shown in light green floral print, but also purchased in solid black)

Maxi Dress: Amazon

Burnt Orange Jumper: Amazon

Waist Extenders: These aren’t pictured, but if you are newly pregnant, these are awesome to get you through the stage in between regular clothes and maternity clothes!