2 Days Late

I honestly did not have time to sit down and write a journal post the past 2 evenings. They’ve been busy days, which I’m not complaining about. 

Tuesday I went to the gym after work and then hurried home to get ready. The gym was more

crowded than usual so I was kind of annoyed, but it’s whatevs.  


Our Kindergarten team goes out once a month to celebrate birthdays and this month’s Choice was Longhorn. It was a really fun night and I wish we had taken a group picure or something! 

  I did take this picture of the “super moon” though.


B was working at the church again, so I was solo after dinner. I ended up taking a pot of chicken and dumplings to Erika’s house since she is sick. She tested negative for the flu but it sure sounds like the flu to me. I didn’t go in the house, just to be safe. Ha


Wednesday was the last day of January. Everyone keeps talking about how it lasted forever but I don’t know. It seemed to go by pretty quickly for me.   

That afternoon, I had to run to the grocery for my mom and then I went home. No gym on Wednesdays. 

The youth band played at Fusion, and they have improved so much since the first time they played.   

After church, me and B went to Chick-fil-A. My mom gave us a CFA calendar for Christmas so we wanted to use our reward. We ended up sitting inside to eat because the line was 100 miles long (as always). But I didn’t mind because I got an unexpected date with B : ) 


And of course, we ended the night watching Grey’s... of course.