Sick Days

The most dreamy spring tablescape...

The most dreamy spring tablescape...

The past 4 days, I have been sick and it has been so terrible. I'm feeling so much better as I write this, and a little part of me is actually excited to go back to work tomorrow. Who am I? But, my DVR is cleared and the indent in my couch cushion is a little too deep for my liking.

The worst part is that it was in the 60's every day and I didn't even get to enjoy it! I'm a spring baby, so this warm weather has given me all sorts of joy. I love the winter for what it is, but my heart was made for the warmth of spring. Plus, I've been watching home improvement shows that were clearly filmed in the summer and it's making me want to knock down all the walls, build a table from scrap wood and recover a dining room chair. CABIN. FEVER. IS REAL.

Today, B stayed home with me and he was the best nurse. Toward the end of the afternoon, I needed to get some energy out, so he entertained my idea to declutter our pantry. This month, I'm really trying to focus on the kitchen and organize it. I've already thrown away so much junk. I feel so free when I throw something in trashcan. It is like a rush of adrenaline, for real.

This is a short post, but I would like to get in the habit of documenting all the moments in my life, and I'm not big on keeping a diary. Some days will be exciting but some days will be like today: pretty basic. They will be in the category "Journal" from now on.

  PS- I updated my blog layout and I love it! Let me know what you think!