A 5-Day Weekend, Storm Clean Up & Mack's First Soccer Game!


This " recap" will be pretty sporadic. This week was so random and weird. Being out of school for 3 days due to Hurricane Irma threw me off! I didn't know what day it was sometimes, and my concept of time was way off. Tuesday we were busy with storm cleanup, but Wednesday  I did absolutely nothing, and I am not sorry about it!

This is what our yard looked like when we ventured out Tuesday morning after Irma. Not bad at all! B has been super busy with storm clean up for his customers, so for the most part it still looks like this, but hopefully this week and weekend, we can get to cleaning up!


My parents had a tree from the neighboring lot fall onto their fence. Thankfully their dog didn't escape while the fence was kind of open. Dad worked all day yesterday cleaning up the front and back yards, as well as my MeeMaw's! They have a lot of trees that drop A LOT of junk even without a hurricane, so his yard was a lot worse than ours.


Mom went over to my Ginnie's house on Monday night and saw that she had a big tree fall, too. It was a big one and covered part of her driveway. We headed over Tuesday afternoon to clean up a little. When we pulled in, her neighbors were in her yard picking up limbs and stuff. That was so nice! They did a lot of work before we arrived! B cut up half of this tree, I blew off her driveway and sidewalk, and Taylor & his boys came and helped, too! I wish I had taken before and after photos. The pile we gathered up was MASSIVE!


I did not expect to be put to work, so I was not dressed appropriately. LOL But that didn't stop me!


Taylor said something about Chicken & Dumplings, and B just had to have some, too. I cooked a whole chicken and boiled the dumplings in the stock and then let them simmer for about an hour... Y'all, these were not low calorie, low carb or "clean" eating, but dang they were good! I have made dumplings from scratch before using this recipe, but honestly, these frozen ones are just as good...

The rest of my week was pretty awesome! Since I had Monday - Wednesday off of work, I had a 2 day work week! Those 2 days, I was really dragging. I could have slept all day on Thursday... And on Friday night, we got in bed around 10:30, which is unheard of in our house! But, it was a good idea, since we had a busy day ahead of us...


Saturday morning, we woke up early to head to Atlanta to see Mack's first soccer game! He was so cute in his uniform. Those were the smallest cleats and shin guards I have ever seen!


Mack was a natural! I don't know if I just think that because he is MINE, but he seemed to actually know what he was doing out there. He even scored the first goal!


Go Soccer Sprouts!


We had lunch and then headed to Natalie's house to hang out before we hit the road to go home. Mr. Serious here was showing me how to write his name on his easel.


B is on the hunt for a record player, so we stopped at a few antique stores on the way home. I love vintage furniture and this 70's sectional spoke to me. I soooo wish I could have something like this in my house! Ha....


And we have made it to Sunday... Have an awesome week, y'all!