Graduation Trip Day 3: I Made It!


Saturday was an early wakeup call! We were supposed to be on campus at 7:30AM to start lining up for graduation, but the traffic was CRAZY. There were a lot of graduates walking down the road in their cap and gown, which was hilarious. I wish I had taken pictures. 20160514_1821DDP

I didn't end up getting there until 8:30, which was when the processional began. Thankfully there were 14,000 of us so I didn't miss everything : )


Graduation was held in the football stadium, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Sunny and 72. Thank you, Lord.

Our official commencement speaker was Rashad Jennings, a former Liberty student who now plays football for the NY Giants... Before he came out, Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) and Randall Wallace (Director of Bravehart, We Were Soldiers, etc) both spoke briefly. But the real surprises were MEL GIBSON and VINCE VAUGHN. Mel Gibson is directing a film about a war hero from Lynchburg starring Vince Vaughn, so they were half commencement/half film promoters. I was in total shock when they came out. Me and the guy who was sitting next to me were just like "Is this for real?" the whole time.


After the Commencement, we headed to my Degree Presentation Ceremony which was just for my individual school. I was thankful I didn't have to sit through 14,000 names being called! It was small and intimate, which was nice! I was so excited about walking across that stage. I could not stop smiling!

794    795

Y'all, there were times when it felt like I would never make it to this place in my life. I'm so thankful! My husband and my parents have supported me every step of the way, not to mention my other family and friends. It was worth every minute!

After graduation was all over, we headed back to the hotel to C R A S H. I took the best nap of my life and woke up 10 minutes before we had to leave for dinner. Ha.

827   833

826   825   824 805

We ate at Shoemaker's American Grille which was downtown. The building was an old shoe factory, so all the decor was shoe themed. I absolutely loved it! All the quotes were so cute...

807   808   809

My family has an unspoken rule that no one can order the same thing at a restaurant. This makes it more fun to share! We all got different salads, and they were all so good! I love a fresh salad.


I ordered the Filet and the Crab Cake with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Veggies. The food was seriously so good. I would have loved another crab cake!

820   821   819

Our rules still apply to dessert of course. Key Lime Torte, Chocolate Cake, and Cheesecake.


To top the amazing meal off, they served coffee in a French press which made my hipster-wannabe heart so very happy! The coffee was so rich and flavorful, too, so I was one happy girl!

831   830   804

I am seriously in love with Lynchburg. I want to move there for real. It is one of the coolest cities ever! A truly hidden gem.