I'm Back!


Hello Old Friends! I am so happy to be back home--aka: writing on my blog! There were some technical issues with my domain and storage and honestly, I was just being lazy and not wanting to deal with fixing them... Web design is confusing and sometimes I'm just kind of over it. So I put it off for a while... Now that everything is fixed, I'm so happy to be back! I decided I would do a mini-recap of life lately, just so I can keep a little record... But, hopefully starting this coming week I can get back to regular posting!

Let's see... Since I last posted (January 23rd)...

We celebrated together! Valentine's Day, B's Birthday and my Birthday...

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We went on a cruise for Spring Break!

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We spent lots of time with our friends and family ...

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It been a wonderful transition from winter to spring... Life is getting busy again... The weather is perfect... And I'm so excited for summer break! Only 15 more days of school... We're gonna make it.

Oh, and I chopped like 8 inches of my hair off...


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