Christmas 2015



I feel like the Christmas season flew by this year! I miss my tree already!


Christmas morning was really great this year. B & I woke up and gave our gifts to each other, and enjoyed a few quiet moments together before we headed over to my parents' house.


Mack is at a super fun age right now (19 months). He's getting his little personality, very curious and starting to talk. He makes us laugh, loves to play and is starting to say all of our names, which is so stinking sweet!

After we opened presents from Santa and took family pictures, we headed to Waffle House for a late breakfast. We did this last year, too and I hope it stays a tradition! I love it!

378                       398

After breakfast, we did what any normal Milledgevillians would do and went to see the Dam. The Dam opened several gates (I heard 7 and 9, not sure which is the accurate number), so the river and the lake were super high. It seemed like everyone was going to see it! The sound was so loud and there was so much water pouring out of there, it was crazy!


After laying around for a little while longer, it was time to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. Everyone has babies now, so there's a lot of us and a lot of noise! We always have a great time at Uncle Mike's.

It's always hard to see another Christmas season go. Can't wait for next year! : )