Christmas Eve


I was dreaming of a white Christmas this year... but, I was sorely disappointed. 775 It was hot, and rainy, and muggy. It felt more like Spring break than Christmas! But, this is what it's like in the south I guess!


We woke up Christmas Eve and got dressed for my mom's side of the family's get together. We always have breakfast and then play the "White Elephant" game with gift cards. B came away with a BoJangle's card and I got a Dunkin Donuts card! I think a breakfast and coffee date is in our future : )


That evening, we headed to our church's Christmas Eve candlelight service. I love this service. It's a simple, yet beautiful time to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place: The birth of Jesus!


After the service we headed back to my parents' house, and some special friends came by for a visit! Every year, our family does a Christmas puzzle-- we have done this every year since I can remember! Carson and Camden were a big help this year, but my sister Michelle is the real puzzle champion.


This cutie was too busy teaching my dad how to play games on the tablet to help us with the puzzle : )


This year, mom made surf and turf: Prime Rib + Scallops, with asparagus and her famous brown rice on the side. It was all so delicious! Mack loved the rice-- it has 2 sticks of butter in it, so would wouldn't?!


Once everyone went home, it was time to go to sleep and wait for Santa! This year, we left Santa a very healthy snack- La Croix and Kale Chips! He really needed a jumpstart on his New Years resolutions : )