Catching Up: Christmas Mission Trip 2015


The weeks leading up to Christmas were very busy for me this year! This is the first year I have been working full-time, and on top of that I am in school, so it was definitely an adjustment. I'm used to being able to get everything done during the day while B is at work, then spending time together in the evenings watching Christmas movies, but not this year! So, when Christmas break got here, I really wanted to enjoy it! I packed a lot into these two weeks, but it was all so awesome. I want to catch up on all that I did over these past two weeks, but it will probably take several posts to do so... Here we go!

First up: Christmas Mission Trip : )

Every summer our youth group goes on a Mission Trip to Augusta, Georgia to work at Broad Street Ministry Center. I love this place. I have been every summer, and it has become so very special to me! The past few years we have gone during Christmas, too. We usually work on the Christmas gift donation, but this year they asked us to help with their Christmas meals!

They do so much good work in a part of Augusta that is less-than glamorous. They have a food pantry and a clothing "store". They have Bible studies, Vacation Bible Schools all summer, and church services. They have a dental clinic and provide literacy teaching and computer training. They are a light in a dark place. It is very humbling, but also an honor to work alongside these ladies.


We took 26 students + 11 adults, which was a bigger group than we usually take! This was awesome for two reasons: 1) How awesome that that many wanted to give up their Christmas break to serve others? 2) We were able to get a lot done at BSMC. They had a list of 20 or so things they wanted us to do, but said there was "no way" we would get it all done... Little did they know, that set a fire under all of us, especially our youth minster Taylor Tom, to get make sure we got it all done! I was so proud of them.


The kids also had to clean various parts of the building, organize clothing donations, decorate a bulletin board, wash and clean out the ministry center's van and other various tasks. They did it all, and with smiles on their faces. It was so encouraging and I was so proud of them!



Our main job was to get Christmas dinners packed up and ready for donating. We had to organize the donations, set up our assembly line and then pack the bags up. We packed over 80 bags!


I'm so proud of our students, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have served at Broad Street yet again! This has already gotten me excited for the summer mission trip : )