Camping in the Smokies: Tuesday

People are always shocked when I tell them I have never been camping before... I grew up as one of three girls and neither of my parents are really "outdoorsy", so it really shouldn't be that surprising! But, now I can't say that anymore. We went camping-- in a tent-- for 3 days in North Carolina for my Fall Break! Since we left later than planned on Monday I don't have any photos of that day, so I'll just start with Tuesday!

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A storm came out of nowhere Monday night and kept us up late, so when we woke up we were cold, a little damp and very hungry. We cooked pancakes and bacon, fixed coffee, and ate some bananas and grapes for breakfast. It was delicious.

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This was our campground. It was so nice! Our tent was right next to a creek which I loved listening to all day and night. It was so peaceful. B picked out the best tent! We had room to stand up and move around, and even had a rain cover (thankfully).


I called the campground Timberlake, Timberlane, Timberland, and anything else Timber. I don't know why I couldn't remember the name! HA.

098     285

Some of the most glamorous portions of our trip: The bathhouse, and our water spigot.

293   301

We had absolutely NO cell service at the campground. At first I was frustrated, but I actually enjoyed it after a while. Me and B had some good conversation and just spent some time being quiet and sitting by the fire. I also got to catch up on some reading, which I hardly ever do at home. Of course, campfire snacks were a must: S'mores & Jiffy Pop Corn!

106   110

I wasn't sure how much I would like this camping thing, but I really, really liked it. We are already planning another trip for the spring!