The Week Before Fall Break...

I knew the week before Fall Break would be crazy, but I wasn't really prepared for this week... It started on Monday. It was really like any other day... I woke up and rolled over to check my phone, and then realized something terrible: The sun was up. It was 8:30AM!!! I had overslept by 3 hours!


I have never gotten dressed and ready that fast in my life. That day was just a blur in my mind! But, it did force me to buy a real alarm clock, which makes me feel all sorts of grown up : )


The rain decided to move along, and the sun finally came out to say hello again! Another good thing about being so late on Monday was that every other day of the week, I was SUPER EARLY. I didn't really mind the extra time because I got to see the sun come up each day. It was extra beautiful Wednesday morning, so of course I had to take a picture.

097 101

Today was just a crazy blur. We had several visitors to our classroom, two birthday parties, and the excitement of the upcoming break buzzing in the air! I got 3 Ryal's Bakery cookies from different people during the day. I must confess I had two of them...


I also made this delicious Chili Carne Dip for my Kindergarten team! I used this dip mix, and it was so easy! It has ground beef, diced tomatoes, cream cheese, sour cream, and cheddar cheese... It was all gone by lunch time, so I guess it was good! : )


Ms. Black and I were twins today! I am so thankful to work with such a sweet friend. I truly look forward to working with her everyday!

I'm so excited for a full week of fall break! It's gonna be so nice to sleep in, stay up late and not worry about sight words, letter sounds and 3-D shapes for a little while... : )