The Dog Days of Summer

These days I really wish we had a pool. It is incredibly hot! I have been itching to spend time outside... I just hate being so cooped up inside all day. But, every time I step out the door, I realize what a mistake that would be. Ha! Lately my days have been full of this:


I guess one good thing about being stuck inside is that I can concentrate on school work! I have a serious case of senioritis. I just want to be done! Only a few more months! Having to repeat "I think I can..." over and over again...


Even when I was babysitting yesterday, we decided to stick to popcorn and movies on the couch. It's miserable outside.

I feel so bad for B since I know he's in it all day every day :( I'm just praying for some rain.


For dinner last night, I wanted something quick and easy. I ended up making turkey meatloaf. I didn't grow up eating meatloaf, but it's one of my favorite meals now! I used Jamie Eason's recipe for "Monster Meatloaf". Definitely one of my favorite recipes to use!