BaseCamp 2015

It felt like June 22nd would never get here! And now... it's gone.

BaseCamp was everything I was hoping it would be, plus some. There were a lot of "unknowns" since it was a new camp, which made it even more exciting. It was awesome!

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Norman Park holds a special place in my heart. We went there for Youth Retreat Weekends every year when I was a teenager, and those were always some of our favorite trips! I hope these youth had as much fun as we did each year.

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Recreation was really fun every day. We played lots of embarrassing games. Sleeping Bag Sumo was one of my favorites. There were also water games to help keep the kids cool during the HOT afternoons!

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The shaving cream war was probably my favorite activity. I was the Camp Photographer, so thankfully I avoided the cream getting all over me : ) But it was hilarious to watch these kids covered in shaving cream run around and attack each other!

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Small groups are always a really special part of any camp. Although I wasn't a small group leader this year, I tried to sit in on a few sessions. I love the questions that the youth ask, as well as the answers they give. It's always so encouraging to see them pursuing Jesus in a real way. Even if they don't understand it all or have all the answers, they're trying. They're seeking. They're leaning in. And that's what matters.

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The Worship Services were my favorite time. We had a great Camp Pastor: Ross Cook from Crossroads Baptist Church in Valdosta. The Lord spoke to many hearts through his sermons... 14 youth responded to the Gospel!

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B and I were talking on the way home, and we both said this was probably the funnest time we ever had leading worship. The youth sang... REALLY SANG... every song. The Lord's presence was overwhelming in the room. I know we all encountered something special this week.


BaseCamp 2015 was a week I will never forget. The memories we made and the people we met will always hold such special place in my heart!


These girls were sisters named Laura & Beth. How cool is that?! Love them.

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I am so thankful to have been a part of BaseCamp 2015. I think we've started something really special here. Until next year, y'all!