Shake Shack!

Last week, B and I went on a last minute trip to ATL. We had to pick up something for the band, and decided to make a little date out of it! We wanted to get burgers, but didn't want to go somewhere we had been before... We had three different places we wanted to try but we ended up picking Shake Shack.


I loved the way the place was set up. It was so industrial and modern. It just felt really cool in there.

We sat on the rooftop dining area and it was a gorgeous night. I loved the slatted roof and the lights hanging around. It was kind of cool that evening too, so it was perfect to sit outside!


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The. Food. Seriously! I just got the Shack Burger which is a basic cheeseburger with Shack Sauce on top. B got the Smoke Shack which was a Bacon Cheeseburger with Peppers and Bacon on top. We shared, of course, and they were both amazing! I got cheese fries, but honestly they were just as good without the cheese. I love french fries: They are the world's most perfect food.

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Of course, what's a date without dessert?! I got a "Concrete" which is vanilla custard ice cream, and chose strawberry puree and cheesecake as my toppings. B got a chocolate malt. I am honestly not a "dessert person", but this ice cream was AMAZING.

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Their logo is super cute and was just kind of stuck all over the restaurant. It was even engraved into all the tables. Love it!


Having time just the two of us to just sit and talk is rare these days. The season of life that we're in right now is pretty busy, and that's okay. But I cherish these moments when we can just be us : ) Love my B! I can't believe we will have been married THREE YEARS in just a week!