100 Miles in May

In May, I attempted to challenge myself to walk 100 Miles... That's a little over 3 miles per day. Sadly, I did not reach my goal... May was crazy busy, and it got so hot at the end of the month! I walked a little under 50 miles. But, that's still pretty good, right?! I tried to at least walk some every day, even if I didn't have time for the whole 3 miles, and I tried to go to different places each day! I just wanted to share some of the pictures I took along the way...

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I absolutely loved walking around GCSU Front Campus. The students were pretty much gone, so it was empty for the most part. The campus is so peaceful... A lot of times I would leave my music off and just spend some time thinking or praying. It was great!

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Memory Hill Cemetery was also a fun place to walk. I know that seems creepy, but there is something peaceful about walking there (during the day). It's pretty shady too, so I walked here on the really hot days.

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These are all random. I just tried to think of places that were safe to go by myself, but wouldn't be too crowded. I even walked at the mall one morning because it was so hot outside that particular day!

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I have a pretty great neighborhood to walk in too... I even had some buddies walk with me one day!

I love Milledgeville, and I love exploring this city. I didn't go anywhere "new" but I just tried to shift my perspective and look for things I hadn't noticed before. Like the flowers on front campus, or the giant trees in the Memory Hill cemetery. When I was in different neighborhoods, I would study the character of the homes or try to imagine what the families who lived there were like. It was just a fun month! And even though I didn't meet my "goal", I'm happy I tried!