My Weight Loss Journey: Low Carb?

Ok, so for the past week I have stepped into a new world: Low Carb Dieting. I have used Weight Watchers for years, and recently rejoined the program in January. I have been doing really great (15lbs lost!) but I had an event coming at the end of the month that I really wanted to look my best for. So, I dabbled in the world of Low Carb Dieting. This post will be my reflections on the past week!


  • I like the food!

Low Carb is a lot of protein, fat and some vegetables, so it was easy to find foods that were low carb that I liked.

FullSizeRender(1) image2

My breakfasts usually consisted of eggs and bacon or sausage, or these Atkins shakes if I was on-the-go.

  • The weight loss is FAST

With Weight Watchers, I usually lost 1-2 pounds a week. With Low Carb, I was losing about a pound a day. I was never bloated, and I felt really lean throughout the 7 days I was on it.

  • I got to eat foods that are typically "off limits" for me.

Butter, mayonnaise and cheese are all things that I usually either stay away from OR use in moderation. Not with low carb! The more fat the better actually, because when your body doesn't have carbs to burn for energy, it will use this fat! This is a bodily process called Ketosis and can read more about it here.

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One thing I loved about Low Carb is that I could just snack all day. Beef Jerky was a good gas station pick, and this buffalo wing dip was crazy good on celery and cucumber slices.


  • No fruit!

This was a really big deal for me, I'm not going to lie. You can't have anything sweet, but honestly I am not a dessert person, so I didn't really care about that. But not being able to have fruit in the morning or for a snack was soooo hard for me. Especially now since it's summer and all the fruit is beautiful and all around!

  • Eating the same foods over and over

If I never see deli meat or another hamburger again, it will be too soon. Deli Turkey or Ham rolled up with some cheese was a great on-the-go meal for me, and hamburgers were easy to grab from a drive-thru and just throw out the bun... But, I am just sick and tired of them! Ha. I never thought I would be tired of meat, but I seriously need a meat-detox.


Obviously, if you're on any diet, you're not supposed to "cheat". But, usually if you have a slip up you can just jump right back on the next meal or the next day... With Low Carb, if you decide to eat a piece of cake or a handful of chips, the next day will basically be like Day 1, all over again.

image1 234

The steak and lobster were treats while eating at Outback with my family... Salads were part of my lunch every single day.

So, what were my results?

My results were: 5 pounds lost in a week, which I'm so happy about!

Was it worth it? Yes.

Would I do it again? Yes.

I could never do this long term, but it was a good shock to my system. I usually eat very carb-heavy, so this was definitely different for my body as well as for my brain. I had to think outside the box!

I would definitely recommend Low Carb for fast weight loss, but just know you will gain it back quickly once you start eating carbs again!

Back to Weight Watchers I go : ) Fruit and bread, I have missed you so.........