101 Update: The Yard & Garden

I have always loved being outside. I really do like working in the yard, and seeing your hard work pay off. Last year we worked on the "curb appeal" of our yard, just kind of clearing away the junk. But this year I wanted to have a little more fun in the yard and bring some life to our outdoor space!


This was a fun night... B cut the grass and weed eated? ate? not sure the past tense of weed eating... And I used the big blower! I felt so intense walking around with this on my back! Like a Ghost Buster or something : )

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Here are some updated photos of my garden! Everything is doing so well. The only plants that have produced fruit are the jalapeno and the tomatillos, but neither of them are ready for picking yet! B installed an irrigation system, which is so awesome! It's on a timer so I don't have to get up every morning to water.

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I'm so proud of this little nook. I love spending time outside, but unfortunately we don't have a back porch or patio. Well, a few weeks ago, B was given two of these Adirondack chairs to throw away. There is literally nothing wrong with them! Just a little dirty, but that can be fixed easily with a pressure washer. I already had the little table in the middle, and my dad gave me the little petunia to add a little pop of color! I have absolutely loved sitting out here doing my quiet time in the morning and sipping on my coffee. I also bought that cute little blue bird, the citronella camera and the wind chimes at Big Lots.

Maybe one day we will have a big screened in back porch, but for now this will do! : )