My Weight Loss Journey


I've debated for a while whether or not to use this blog to document my Weight Loss Journey. I didn't know if it would be obnoxious, or embarrassing to put myself out there like this. Honestly, I just need somewhere to post my triumphs and my failures, but I also hope that someone can read this and relate to it! I haven't been overweight my whole life. I have always been a big girl, but never what I would consider "over weight". My struggles came during the end of high school when I started driving. I was eating out a lot more and staying up late with my friends. College only made things worse with a 24 hour Dining Hall around the corner. I also wasn't into sports anymore so my activity level was basically a zero.

bama big arm senior year

I wasn't obese by any means, but the Freshman 15 definitely crept on and it was STUBBORN.

I have honestly tried every diet you can think of. Low Carb, No Fat, Grapefruit Diet, Sandwich Diet, Nutrisystem, Soup Diet, Atkins, Slim Fast, Mediterranean... Yep, all of them. And they all worked... For a little while.

I even followed a strict "Eat Clean" diet for 4 months and I was at my SKINNIEST ever.

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I looked and felt amazing! I wasn't really going overboard with anything, it just wasn't a lifestyle I could really keep up with. Clean eating is very restrictive, and although I made room for treats, I just couldn't keep up after I got married. We were busy and eating out a lot. Rather than going to the gym or out for a run, we would watch a movie and make cookies, go out to eat or spend time with family and friends. When we moved into our house, money went toward bills and the renovations we were doing, not groceries or our gym memberships!

I was happy. I was comfortable. And my husband always made sure I knew he thought I was beautiful no matter what. But, when I saw pictures of myself, I wasn't happy, I wasn't comfortable, and I didn't feel beautiful, that's for sure.

anny arm baltimore

It wasn't all of a sudden. It was slow.. and steady. But it was real! I just wasn't myself anymore... I was insecure, embarrassed and I just wanted to hide in a hole. It took a while for it to really hit me that I had to make a real change. The weight wasn't going to fall off. It was going to take hard work! But here I am!

Christmas  feb  IMG_3313

December (Beginning) // February (10lbs Lost)  // April (15lbs Lost)

I still have a long way to go, but I am not discouraged by my slow progress... If I really want this to be a lifestyle change, my journey won't be a straight, quick line but a long, hard curvy line with lots of twists and turns!I am currently using Weight Watchers Online, as well as walking and doing at-home work outs. It's easy to incorporate Weight Watchers into my lifestyle and just track everything I eat on my iPhone. I'm really proud of myself for this! I'm 3 months into it, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds for me.