Youth Leader's Mountain Trip


154 The youth ministry team from my church went on a retreat in March to plan the rest of our year's events. It was such a perfect get away! I think we all needed the time to relax and push the reset button before the busy-ness of spring and summer.

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B and I got there a day early to get some alone time, and to get everything ready! We did some grocery shopping and stocked the pantry before everyone arrived. I made sure to have plenty of candy to snack on while we were there ...

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The College Basketball Championship games were on that weekend. so there was lots of basketball on!

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For the big meal when everyone arrived, we prepared a beef tenderloin that my Aunt gave us! It was amazing. On the side I roasted a ton of veggies and cooked what my family calls "Brown Rice".


It's basically white rice with a TON of butter, onions and mushrooms. It's completely unhealthy, but it's absolutely perfect and delicious.

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For breakfast the second day we had another family favorite called "Swamp Biscuits". You cook the premade Pillsbury layer biscuits in a "swamp" of heavy cream, sugar, cinnamon and butter... They are so sweet and rich, you can't eat more than one or two without a stomach ache. But, you try to anyway : )

We also had lots of fresh fruit, bacon and eggs!


The rest of the day was spent planning, discussing and reorganizing. It was a super successful trip! We got so much done and had a lot of fun, of course...

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There was lots of ping-pong and lots of card games... I hope we get to go again really soon! These people are more than just my friends, they really are my second family...