Herb's Catfish: A Family Tradition


Deep in the heart of Oconee, Georgia is a little hole in the wall called Herb's Fish Place. 390 376Herb's is simple.They're only open Thursday-Saturday, you seat yourself, and use your menu as a place mat. They use all paper plates, plastic forks and there's a pitcher of sweet tea on every table.

Every birthday since I can remember, we ate at Herb's. It was our family's special place! So, this year we headed down there for B's belated family birthday dinner.

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You have to get the catfish. Yes, they have an entire menu full of options that I'm sure are all delicious... But I just can't bring myself to order anything else.

I eat my grits with salt 99% of the time, but when I eat grits at Herb's, I just have to eat them with old fashion Cane Syrup... Absolutely perfect.


I hope you brought your cash, because they do not take credit cards. Oh, and they don't have phone either! (Yes, you read that right.)