Waffles for Dinner


134Last week I had planned to cook Breakfast for Supper: one of my all time favorite meals! I absolutely love breakfast food -- It's even what we served at our wedding reception! I had planned on scrambled eggs, grits and bacon because I thought we had some bacon, but unfortunately I was wrong... I had to think of something that would be (almost) as good...

I decided on waffles! I am not really a pancake person, but there is just something about waffles...

I used The Pioneer Woman's recipe and they were delicious!


The measuring cup kept falling in the batter while I was trying to scoop it onto my waffle iron, and that was super annoying.


My waffle iron doesn't have a timer, so I was having to keep my eye on it the whole time! A story about my waffle iron: We went to WalMart on Black Friday 2013 and got that waffle iron for FOUR DOLLARS! I'm so proud of that thing! Ha!


This recipe made 16 waffles on my size iron. These were a really good base waffle with the perfect amount of sweetness. Next time I think I might try mixing in berries or chocolate chips!