Living Room: Before & After


Before we moved into our house, it had been empty for over 10 years. There was lots of updating that needed to be done, but we didn't have the money to do everything at once. We chose to paint & decorate only the rooms we used everyday, which meant the formal Living Room & Dining Room were not top priority. I love the work we have done so far, but in anticipation of the holidays, I was ready to get some work done in these rooms!


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{Yes, we have 3 tables in our living room. Ha! One was given to us, one was B's from college, and one was mine before we got married. It's actually nice to have so much seating and usable space for schoolwork, projects & when people come over, but I realize it's a little excessive.}

These rooms and the front door were just painted white, but had gotten dirty and dingy over the years. There were also stains on the ceiling from a leak that has since been fixed.


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I LOVE IT. We wanted it to be subtle and classic, so we chose a super neutral grey color for the Living Room & Dining Room: skyline shadow by allen + roth (ar1318)


We also purchased what was a kitchen island from a family friend, but decided to use it as a buffet in the dining room! Isn't it gorgeous?! I am obsessed with this piece.


We used a slightly darker color in the foyer:

opera glasses by allen + roth (ar1418)

The China cabinet belongs to our landlords, but I have started to use it to store my nice serving pieces. We moved it to the foyer, and I think it looks so pretty when you walk in!


The front door is my absolute favorite. I could just stare at it all day. It used to be just plain white, but that's just not very me... The bricks on our house are not the traditional red color, they are more orange and brown tones, so finding a color that matched AND we liked was a struggle. But we finally found the perfect color and I am SO happy!

We chose the color:

port by allen + roth (ar427)


I absolutely love working on our house and making it a home... together!