Kai Thai


My mother and I had a lunch date yesterday at Kai Thai. I love Chinese and Japanese food, but until earlier this year I had never had Thai. Now I know what I was missing out on! Kai Thai is absolutely delicious and they have a huge sushi menu. It's probably the best sushi in town, but yesterday was cold so I was in the mood for something warm. 267                268

With lunch you get a choice of soup or salad with your entrée. I got egg drop soup, and it was delicious! My mom got a salad, which is what I usually get. They make the ginger dressing in-house and it is amazing. Oh, and it also comes with a spring roll.... I could eat 500 of these. My husband doesn't like spring rolls or egg rolls, so if we go out for Thai or Chinese, I usually get 2. Unfortunately Mother ate hers... :)


If I don't get sushi, I get Chang Mai Noodles. It is the best thing on the menu. The description on their website is: "Egg Noodles served with curry sauce, coconut milk, red onion, topped with crispy noodles". It is amazing. The broth is so rich and creamy.

You can choose how spicy you want it from the range: Mild-Medium-Spicy-Very Spicy-Make You Cry. I usually go Spicy but the adventurous side of me wants to try Make You Cry! You also get your choice of meat or veggies in any of the lunch entrees. I usually get chicken, but I wasn't in the mood yesterday so I got veggies. It was delicious all the same!