Concert at the Melting Point


Last week, some friends of ours invited us to a concert in Athens, GA. Dave Barnes has been one of our favorite artists for a while. He writes and sings some of the sweetest love songs, and most of our wedding reception soundtrack was Dave! The concert was held at this place called "The Melting Point". I had never been before, but was probably one of the coolest venues I have been to.

061                062

This was the outside entrance. It was very rustic and had such a cool vibe! I loved the exposed brick.

064           063

Once you got in, you walk through this little patio area. It was so cold, so no one was sitting out here, but it was so pretty!

065       066

The stage was on the first floor, and there were tables all around it, but we sat upstairs. It was packed! We literally sat in the last available seats. It was just such a different place for a concert. It was so relaxed and intimate. You could even order food during the show. We got a basket of cheese fries and some chips & guacamole but it was too dark to take a picture. It was delicious!

We will definitely try to go to more shows here! I highly recommend it.